I was poking around this morning…

With good intentions I have often written or half-written some posts in the past and SHOCK never posted them.  You too?  Well, when the blog gets thin, anorexic even, then maybe it is time to revisit the drafts…

From 6/5/2014 I finally post:

Making your bed is good for your health

Pencil-Post-Bed-Bissell1I love this bed!

I can hear someone out there laughing, and another asking,  What are you? My Mother?  Yet another is balking that I should even bring this up on the Farmlet blog.

Your mother often told you to do it, and some of you did, because you always did what your mother told you to do, and of course now it is an ingrained habit to do so.

Some of you may not have ever been bidden to do it and you grew up and realized that it was rather nice to see a neat and tidy bed.  You find that it is an inviting place to slumber at the end of a hectic day.

Some of you may never do it, unless company is coming, although you may be one who at least straightens out the covers.  Anyone who has ever crawled into a disheveled bed can tell you, that it is impossible to get the covers over your entire body if you haven’t, at a minimum, straightened them out… and forget about it if there are two trying to get comfortable in that pile of bed-covers!

Some of you, like my husband’s Aunt Betty, are over achievers.  She ironed the sheets and pillowcases before making the bed!  Heck, she even ironed her towels too!

So, I wonder, which one are you? (BTW, you don’t have to answer that)  😀

And for as many reasons as there are for making the bed, or not, there are styles of making the bed AND as many or more types of coverings.

  • Hospital
  • Military
  • Hotel
  • Sheets tucked
  • Sheets not tucked
  • Pillows folded into the coverlet
  • Bedspread
  • Quilt
  • Duvet,
  • And, let’s not forget the lots of extra pillows (of which there is no use for them other than they show how much money you could afford to invest on your bed in an effort to make it look like a magazine cover.)  Those who can, do.  😉


Well, back to why making the bed is good for your health.

This morning I went in to tidy the bed and found a bit of leaf on the blanket.  I picked it up and thought,  This looks odd. 

I poked it with my fingernail and then flipped it over, whereupon it sprouted eight legs, like a micro-mini-transformer, and flipped right back over to walk across my palm!

Shrieking, I ran for the bathroom, dropped it into the toilet and flushed it… TWICE!

Moral of this story?  It is healthy to make your bed before you get into it, because you never know what may be lurking there!  Oh yes, and it might be a good idea to not let your cats sleep there even if you have doused them with flea and tick killer.


Here is a tie in blog post wherein a kitty (that looks remarkably like my old kitty Claus) purrforms many household chores and even makes his own bed! HERE

Hey, Peanut and Pickle, are you paying attention?

You may not like my view. . .

But by this time we are so far down the rabbit hole I’m past caring and sincerely worried about why some of you don’t seem to care, and if you do, why you don’t stand up and say so!

Take the blinders off and start looking and listening to what is happening to every country in our world.  It is insanity and the sheeple are going to let it happen.

Please give eleven minutes of your time to hear an outline of what is really going on in our world.

BTW, if you think it doesn’t apply to your country, then you didn’t make it past minute four.

OK, thinkers, haters, anyone ???



A Sabbath Moment

When the week is full of crazy you can hardly believe, take a moment and contemplate God’s creation. If He cares for these does he not care for you as well?

~ * ~

NOTE: The lavender colored blooms are Monarda fistulosa a native or wild Bergamot. It grows natively almost everywhere in the continental US and Canada.

Learn more about the plant, its uses and benefits in the garden HERE.

I’m OK, but…

A bit shell shocked.

I have been having a bit of memory problems for the past year or two.  It was worrying me.  The most obvious clue was not being able to remember the names for rosemary and tarragon. 

In the case of rosemary, I could see the plant in my head, but when I tried to find it’s name it was like there was an empty bubble in that spot.  Now with tarragon I could remember it’s nickname, The Dragon, but not the herbal name.

Then I went out to make a video of my garden flowers out front and suddenly couldn’t remember the names of many of them either!  So, now I am really freaking out!  These plants are perennials and biennials that I grew from seed and suddenly I can’t think of their names.

I didn’t post the video because I was embarrassed about my lapses.  I will post it at the end.

Bringing this story to a rapid close I will share with you that after a visit to the neurologist and a  massive amount of testing,  I have apparently has several small strokes in the past, which he claims are normal for my age.  He says it isn’t Alzheimer’s, but still prescribed medication for memory.  I need to do a lot more research on this, because before being prescribed the medication, and with a concerted effort, I was able to make a new pathway to the name for rosemary!  If I can do that without the memory med, then shouldn’t I be able to make new memory paths for the other lost names?

OK, so here is the embarrassing video.

One last thing, finding all this out and being able to retrain my brain has really lifted my depression.  Not being terminally depressed has made me a maniac in the garden this spring, and having Bob home full-time to help me (yes, he is finally retired) means that I, make that WE have really gotten a lot done in preparation for spring and summer this year.  Color me very happy!

❤ ❤ ❤


Video tour of Garden changes coming soon