French Postcards

FrenchPost1Hand and machine sewn with vintage linen detail and carved shell buttons on the pockets.

~ A Special Order ~


Julie’s apron: Hand and machine stitched in 100% cotton, with glass beading on pocket bindings and central design at hem.    (Gifted actually.)  😉

My original post on this apron is HERE

11 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. FlaHam says:

    Lynda, Your a friend of Julie, so by extension that makes you a friend of mine. The apron is lovely, and from seeing Julie’s comments she is in love with it to. Like Julie if I received a gift like this, it woiuld be displayed and not used. My Mom made quilts, I have several around the home, and my kid has a few. We live in FL and don’t have a lot of use for a Quilt, but once those 1 night a year cold snaps come thru it sure comes in handy. Take care, — Bill

  2. janechese says:

    It is a beautiful apron, always remember my mother wearing them and they are so handy- I do have a couple. I read Julie’s blogs and think this is such a warm gesture for you to gift her with this.

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