I was poking around this morning…

With good intentions I have often written or half-written some posts in the past and SHOCK never posted them.  You too?  Well, when the blog gets thin, anorexic even, then maybe it is time to revisit the drafts…

From 6/5/2014 I finally post:

Making your bed is good for your health

Pencil-Post-Bed-Bissell1I love this bed!

I can hear someone out there laughing, and another asking,  What are you? My Mother?  Yet another is balking that I should even bring this up on the Farmlet blog.

Your mother often told you to do it, and some of you did, because you always did what your mother told you to do, and of course now it is an ingrained habit to do so.

Some of you may not have ever been bidden to do it and you grew up and realized that it was rather nice to see a neat and tidy bed.  You find that it is an inviting place to slumber at the end of a hectic day.

Some of you may never do it, unless company is coming, although you may be one who at least straightens out the covers.  Anyone who has ever crawled into a disheveled bed can tell you, that it is impossible to get the covers over your entire body if you haven’t, at a minimum, straightened them out… and forget about it if there are two trying to get comfortable in that pile of bed-covers!

Some of you, like my husband’s Aunt Betty, are over achievers.  She ironed the sheets and pillowcases before making the bed!  Heck, she even ironed her towels too!

So, I wonder, which one are you? (BTW, you don’t have to answer that)  😀

And for as many reasons as there are for making the bed, or not, there are styles of making the bed AND as many or more types of coverings.

  • Hospital
  • Military
  • Hotel
  • Sheets tucked
  • Sheets not tucked
  • Pillows folded into the coverlet
  • Bedspread
  • Quilt
  • Duvet,
  • And, let’s not forget the lots of extra pillows (of which there is no use for them other than they show how much money you could afford to invest on your bed in an effort to make it look like a magazine cover.)  Those who can, do.  😉


Well, back to why making the bed is good for your health.

This morning I went in to tidy the bed and found a bit of leaf on the blanket.  I picked it up and thought,  This looks odd. 

I poked it with my fingernail and then flipped it over, whereupon it sprouted eight legs, like a micro-mini-transformer, and flipped right back over to walk across my palm!

Shrieking, I ran for the bathroom, dropped it into the toilet and flushed it… TWICE!

Moral of this story?  It is healthy to make your bed before you get into it, because you never know what may be lurking there!  Oh yes, and it might be a good idea to not let your cats sleep there even if you have doused them with flea and tick killer.


Here is a tie in blog post wherein a kitty (that looks remarkably like my old kitty Claus) purrforms many household chores and even makes his own bed! HERE

Hey, Peanut and Pickle, are you paying attention?

A Sabbath Moment

When the week is full of crazy you can hardly believe, take a moment and contemplate God’s creation. If He cares for these does he not care for you as well?

~ * ~

NOTE: The lavender colored blooms are Monarda fistulosa a native or wild Bergamot. It grows natively almost everywhere in the continental US and Canada.

Learn more about the plant, its uses and benefits in the garden HERE.

A little something to warm you up…

“When the weather is cold, and never goes above 32 degrees, we are stuck in the mudroom all day just to avoid freezing our whiskers off. We’re so bored.”


You are not seeing double.  Kitty on the left is Pickle and on the right is Peanut.  They are brothers from a litter who arrived all the way from Tuscaloosa riding in the grille of a pickup truck.  That is a 2 hr 28 min or 169.3 mile trip.  When the driver discovered them, he extracted them and then took them to our local vet’s office. 

On entering, with Walker and Noodle in tow, I spied the assistant feeding them behind the counter and asked if they were available. They were.  

“I’ll take them both!” I exclaimed.  Bob cocked an eyebrow at me, but I held firm. 

Peanut has since become Bob’s favorite and Pickle is mine.  I do love a good Ginger cat and having two ginger cats is twice a nice.

Although, perhaps not so nice if you are a mousie or a vole.

An Unconventional Scrap Happy Post

I have spent the past (almost) two years working in my garden.  No quilting, sewing or blog posting.  This means that I haven’t found my way to posting for Scrap Happy posts either.

Today I break that silence, albeit unconventionally, and bring you alternative scraps which I have made into useful items for my garden…

and my mud/laundry room!

*I took one old table, removed two legs, cut the edge off, and attached it vertically to the cut edge of the table.   This provided an old fashioned look, but more importantly it camouflaged the uneven wall plaster.  The newly modified table was then leveled and screwed to the wall. I now have a long needed laundry folding table!

But I didn’t toss those extra legs!

By drilling a half inch hole into each of the centers.  Then, using a 2 lb. mallet,  I drove in some leftover 1/2 inch rebar into the holes.

With these two table legs, and four others from an old topless table frame, I was able to make functional hose guides for in the garden and orchard.

I haven’t actually measured, but I think the garden and orchard areas are equal to about 1/4 acre.  It takes two 100 ft hoses to get around everything.  One is connected to a hose station with quick connectors on the backside to facilitate the primary hose from the house.  House hose gives me N & S access, and the hose station gives me E & W access which keeps my poultry in water.

A 100 ft hose has a lot of drag when going around corners of the raised beds and my blueberry bushes.  These oversized hose guides won’t budge even with the a 200 ft combined length!

I should probably paint them all,

But I couldn’t decide on a solid color for all of them, or if I wanted party-colored for fun.

This one is guarding a new blueberry bush.

I also had some old planks from the walls inside the 1840 cabin at the Mountain Farmlet.  I could never decide what to do with them.  So I went with functional and attached them to some left over cuts of galvanized electrical conduit.  I now have barriers to keep the ducks and (maybe) the chickens out of any newly planted and conventional beds of vegetables.

NOTE:  These legs will need to be shortened!  It was very hard to remove these barriers until we’d had a good soaking rain!

Scrap Happy is sponsored via Kate and Gun. The participants use/reuse leftover fabric scraps to create new and wonderful items.  I have done a similar thing with my wood and metal scraps to share this time.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope this post inspires you to rethink using the landfill!

*GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE:  While the idea and design was mine, I did need the help of Bob in the muscle work.  Carrying, leveling and attaching the new folding table to the wall.  I wouldn’t be able to do it without his help.  ❤