Things that explode in the night

I always read myself to sleep on the couch each night and then when I wake up at what ever ridiculous time in the AM I go to bed.  It has become a annoying routine, but one that assures I will sleep when my head does hit the pillow.  Unless of course I am sick in which case sleep does not normally allude me.

Monday night’s routine was going according to habit and plan and I had just dozed off when there was a horrendous explosion right outside in front of our house…  Now don’t think bad of me or hold it against me, but after being so thoroughly jarred from slumber at 12:45 AM I jumped up and was heard to shout, to nobody in particular:  “What…the…he…!!!” (twice actually).  The house had now been plunged into total darkness and silence.

so much for sliding into slumber.

I stood in the dark trembling and then began fumbling for my little flashlight that takes me from couch to bed without burning out my retinas or waking Bob from his slumber, and then went out to the front porch to see what had made the explosive sound.  Silly to tell you this, but that feeble little light only showed me business as usual; grass, shrubberies, fence-line, cars in the drive… Oh, and that the rest of the houses on our street were in darkness too.  Hm, I thought,  the transformer is on a pole at the roadside just in front of our orchard/gardens…

“Yeah, that’s it.” I told myself

So, I came in, locked the door, and found Bob fully awake and standing up in the dark by the bedside.  Groggily he asked, “What happened?” Then said, “My CPAP quit.”  I told him I thought it was the transformer, and we put ourselves to bed.  Well, about 4:00AM we woke up to big truck sounds and chainsaws right outside our bedroom window! The light from said trucks was very bright and leaking in around the blackout shades!


We got up again, went to the front room window and then out onto the porch to find this…

click for a larger view

The work to clear away the tree, restore power to the house on the other side of said tree, and to reconnect telephone and electricity to all the homes from our house down took all day.  Strangely, our power came online very quickly, but new lines to all the neighbor’s houses and power were not restored until about 9:00PM last night.

All things considered, even with missed work and no electricity, this was the best possible outcome: Right into the street and not onto their home and vehicles.





Short and Scary!

There is an old joke that goes like this:

Q:  What is worse than finding a worm in your apple?

A:   Finding half a worm.

So this is no joke…

Q:  What is worse than finding a half or whole worm in your apple?

A:  Finding a dead Brown Recluse in the bottom of your apple bowl!

I filled the bowl before Christmas with Granny Smith apples and have slowly been rooting and whittling away at them; using them up.

What a shock to empty the bowl and find one of these!  Dead thankfully.

Brown recluse (Loxosceles) spider legspan size

Image found here:

I assume it died because it couldn’t crawl out of the bowl.  However, questions remain:

  • Was it there and dead when the apples went in?  The bowl had been stored awhile.
  • Did it come in with the apples from the grocers?
  • Did it just find its way up to the table top and then into the bowl?

I am guessing the first.  The butler’s cupboard as we call it is dark and the items on the top shelves are rarely used.

Still it is creepy to contemplate


Hard to see in this very dark bowl.





But there she is!





What dangerous creatures have you unwittingly stumbled upon on?


We are slowly being surrounded by avian flu here!

It started in south Tennessee and has now shown up in our county here in North Alabama.  It is mostly in the big producers chicken farms, but there has been one instance of a backyard flock becoming ill.  There is no cure and the all the chickens in these groups have been destroyed.  It is spread by wild birds. 

What does this mean to me here on the Farmlet?

If my chickens get sick they will also destroy my pet geese, Polly and Fredrik.

I have a knot in my stomach.

LOCAL NEWS on the subject   (On the lighter side; don’t you just love Commissioner John McMillan’s southern accent?  😀 )


A  anxiety

G  gasping

O  out alone

racing heart

A   anger (self)

P   panic

H  helplessness

O  oppressive feeling of fear

B  behavioral anomaly


A  avoidance

Today halfway through physical therapy I began to tear up.  My heart began to race.  I tried to control it, but it seemed  the harder I tried, the worse it got.  I got up to go to the next station for treatment and suddenly felt faint.


Crying and fainting are not allowed in public.  (My rule.)

I had to go, NOW.

I am uncertain as to the trigger for today’s incident, but feel it had something to do with the unannounced change in Physical Therapists.

All the way home I kept telling myself I don’t need medication.  Haven’t had it, don’t want it, no way!  After all, I have been doing quite well for over a year now and cannot understand this sudden, out of nowhere, fall into the abyss of fear and panic.

How I felt when I got home…

How I felt by the time I got homeEmbarrassed.

It is a mystery.

One that I hope does not repeat itself.