Flash Fiction: usually 100 words or less

Simply because I enjoy writing Flash Fiction  (FF) I have decided I needed a place to keep it.  It is compiled in reverse chronological order so you will always find the newest at the top of the list.


NOTES:  FF is a writing form in which you convey a complete story in 100 to 200 words or less.  It must contain a beginning, middle and end, and the writing groups are usually open to anyone.

The most famous is a six word, one line, story attributed to Earnest Hemingway, and reads:

“For sale:  Baby shoes, never worn.”

For further reading on the subject of Earnest Hemingway’s six word FF you may look here on  Slate.

For more information on the varied and interesting  forms of Flash Fiction writing look HERE.

My work:


7/16/14:  The Janitor’s Job


7/9/14:  A Learned Response


6/22/14 – The Contract


5/15/14:   Your Order Has Been Delivered



4/17/14:  Pure Imagination


A Hoary2/17/14:  Die Grauen Schlund ~ A short story

A little pink house lite12/9/14:  Anniversary for One

Gorrillas12/17/13:  The Higher Intellect


adamickes-childsboots12/11/13:  What Carl Didn’t Understand



16 Oct 2013:  Shopping Cart Escapades



11 Oct 2013:  Het Petse


Three doors25 Sep 2013:  The Choice


the_second_hand_shop-118 Sep 2013:  The Game


Spinner9 Aug 2013:  Spinner


31 Jul 2013:  For Immediate Release


maui-from-mauna-kea26 Jul 2013:  Heavenward


anelephantcant17 Jul 2013:  The Curious Incident of the Bicycle in the Woods


window-dressing-janet-webb29 May 2013:  The Dress


The Twins altered15 May 2013:  The Twins


icon-grill-ted-strutz8 May 2013:  The Elopement


home-made_car28 Feb 2013:  Easy


Lost key26 Feb 2013:  The Key


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9 Dec 2012:  A Silent Witness   This was my first fictional writing.  It is also the longest, and my favorite.


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