Improvement all around

Lately it would seem that if it could go wrong it did.  There were broken glasses, dryers, teeth, and sick animals too!  However, things are getting better here on the Farmlet.

The geese are improving,  growing, and need to be OUTSIDE!  Their bills and feet should be turning a bit to the orange, but without daily sunlight this is not happening.

They are long overdue!

(Click the photo to see how much they have grown!)


Then there are the toxic fumes from their diapers towels (which need changing a minimum of 8 times a day)…

Biohazard - Green Fumes - Biohazard, Green Fumes(Please click to be taken to Desktop Nexus and this screen saver)

and are smelling worse than a diaper pail!

!!! 😦 !!!

Under normal circumstances the Gosling Boys would have already been outside.  However, being sick they have needed special care and a more controlled environment.   Recently, I have been taking them out to eat grass and get more exercise and sun.  I’ve gradually increased the time they spend outside, and their time alone as well.  I’ve been going in and coming back out at varying intervals, and they don’t seem to like it much!  I can hear them crying at the back door as I type.

They have become overly dependent upon my presence.

While we are out I let the Mommas over into the back yard to visit.  The goslings want to play with them, but every time they run over to greet them the Ladies all pull up their skirt-feathers and run away!  It is simply too funny to see grownup geese run away from the babies!  Well, one can only hope that the boys will gain finesse and a better standing with them as they continue to grow.

Interestingly, there is a bond, of sorts, that I didn’t know existed between them.  Today when I went to catch the goslings, the Momma’s came up honking, hissing and threatening me within an inch of my life.  I really thought that Polly was going to take a bite out of me!  You see it’s the screaming they boys make.  It is ear-piercing and quite pitiful sounding.  In fact, if you could hear it you would think that something more along the lines of a life and death situation was going on. It has come to this because of having to administer all the medications.  They have now become so strong that it is a fight every morning and evening.  Thankfully, we are almost done with medications!

Meanwhile, I have Polly and the Hister Sisters to contend with.


Put the Gosling down, and back away, or someone is gonna get pinched!


23 thoughts on “Improvement all around

  1. richsgoodfood says:

    Neat , I have not tried reblogging anything b4 . Hope you dont mind Lynda … it does give you credit for the original post ? :))
    Love your posts ! and now I have wordpress i can COMMENT!! hahahaha

    • pixilated2 says:

      Lisa, you are so sweet! I think that a row of “Jama coaque manos” dancing on my screen would be fantastico! The one little white goose does have a proper name and she is called Little Dorrit. The other goose has never gotten her real name yet, so she get’s grouped with Dorrit and together they become the Hister Sisters. 😉 ~ L

    • pixilated2 says:

      Without a doubt they are imprinted. I didn’t think so at first, because on the first outing they seemed to ignore me, that is, until I walked across the yard. Then they panicked running and peeping loudly the whole way to get to me! Such funny babies they are. ~ Lynda

  2. bahelberg1 says:

    @pixilated2…Hang in there down on the Farmlet! It’s worth the tribulations! I have a farmhand brother turned mechanical businessman who moved to Alabama last summer. I’ll have him look you up for encouragement! Lol!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you, that might be fun! BTW, What is a Mechanical Businessman? Is your brother working at Redstone, or for one of the companies associated with it?

      Yes! It is worth the tribulation, because I do love my animals here on the Farmlet. 🙂
      ~ Lynda

  3. shoreacres says:

    I was by earlier, but got distracted by that off-handed comment about how they need sunlight for their bills to turn orange. Who knew? Not me! It’s amazing how so many creatures are keyed to external conditions – like flamingos turning pink because of the shrimp they eat.

    I’m so glad the little guys are getting better – but clearly, not as happy as you are!

  4. littlesundog says:

    I learn so much reading your little blog! We too, have had a strange rash of expenses lately. Can you do a post on “How to pull a rabbit out of a hat” regarding financial woes?

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hm, that’s a thought. I can share with you now one secret we found that helps the most. When you are paying outstanding bills and loans work on the one with the highest interest. Make a budget to pay more on that one till it is paid off. Higher interest loans/credit will eat more money over the long haul so pay more on the top interest and then when it is paid off take that money and add it to the next highest each month. It is amazing how quickly you can reduce your debt and actually save on the interest over time. Remember to make minimum payments due on all the rest and as the highest disappear you will have more money to pay down the next in line!
      ~ L
      PS: The house mortgage does not fit into this scheme.

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