We had a bit of snow.   Before the east was pummeled and buried in it we got the preview here in N. Alabama.  Might as well have been a blizzard.  The snow came down, the overnight low was in the teens and life as we know it here in the country came to an icy, snowy, and silent halt.

But the best part was the footprints in the morning.   They were everywhere!  Birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, chickens, geese, and me, we all left our marks about the Farmlet.



This morning on the Farmlet

I always see Bob off to work in the mornings.

With slippered feed, and bleary eyes I walk him out the door, have a good hug,  and then sit on the bench to wave as he drives down the road.  (I’ll be seen wearing a thick robe, no matter the weather, to ward off those dang mosquitoes too!)

This morning had a little surprise in store.  In the half-light, I saw a small thing stuck to the wall by the front door.  Peering closer revealed this!

All this rain has brought us more than annoying mosquitoes.  It has brought us beautiful little green frogs to eat them!

It was a good beginning to the day!

How is yours going?


NOTESApparently, my little frogs are Squirrel Tree Frogs, and they will only grow to be just under two inches long.  For more information on the Squirrel Tree Frog look HERE!

Saturday Sanpshots: up close and personal

Yesterday about 6 PM I was out with the geese in the front yard

Honestly, you’d think they hadn’t seen grass before!


When we moved here I never gave Lantana a thought in my gardening plans.  My reasoning was that in this environment if it would not be perennial,  it was  not worth my time or my interest.

I was wrong…

I had forgotten how quickly it grows, how happy it makes the hummingbirds and butterflies, or how colorful it can be.  It blooms all summer and just looks nice!  So, for 99 cents a plant, this color combination was worth it as a temporary color fix!  These colors remind me of rainbow sorbet on a hot day.

Not remembering if it had a *scent or not I went in for a quick sniff…
and immediately jerked back!  It seems that the quarter sized bloom clusters are a nice place to hang out if you are a miniature crab spider!

Consider this,  if the compound flower is only quarter sized, and you are small enough to grace the surface of only one of the individual flowers, well then,  you are very tiny indeed!  Don’t see the spider?  Click the photo for a closer view!


*The flowers do not have a scent, however the bush itself is highly aromatic, having a pungent, spicy aroma when brushed against.