News Flash: Chicken Lays Egg on the Farmlet

Recently science has discovered that the answer to that age old question,  “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” is…

the Chicken!

Well, of course it did!  Just ask any hen and she’ll gladly set the record straight.  It is also a fact that chickens will announce that they’ve  laid an egg,   and of course for the egg to have gotten laid there had to be a chicken doing the laying.

Are you following this?

And so it was on the Farmlet today that in the midst of my housework I heard the heralding of GRAYSON (?) telling the world that my Ameraucana hen had laid an egg.  Not the hen, nor her friends in the hen house who would normally join in cackling about her accomplishment… no it was Grayson my roo letting the whole neighborhood in on the blessed event!  What’a Roo!

The Little Red Hen is incredulous that Grayson’s upstaged the show.

Meanwhile, all the girls gather round in excitement to watch and wait…

while Grayson paces the chicken run like a new father in the hall at the hospital.

Bertha looks into the nest and can’t believe her eyes…  “Oh my, it’s so BIG”  she clucks!

Then I look,  and there it is… Miss Ameraucana’s first egg!

I’m happy to know that all the girls will soon be laying… because that means that I will be solvent in my chicken endeavors again!

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