Photo Friday: snow day

Bob came in from the cold asking,  “How do you tell the difference between snow and sleet?”

A cursory glance through the window had me claiming that it was sleet.  I went outside and it sounded like sleet.  Hitting the ground you could hear the little rasp as it landed on leaf and dried blade.

Suddenly, I realized that what was on the porch and leaves did not have that characteristic pillow shape of sleet.  It was perfect little snowflakes!  I only wish the cold didn’t make me shake.



A double-click will bring these into sharper view!


Stay in, stay warm, and if you must go out dress warm and drive carefully!


Have a great weekend!

Photo Friday: spider tricks

Today we worked on covered wagons.  (Hoop houses for the raised beds. More on that later.)

On one of our treks to the barn I caught sight of HER as she gracefully climbed down the tree’s trunk.   I ran inside, muck boots and all, to grab my camera to catch her.

She is the biggest, most brightly orange-colored, Orb Weaver I have ever seen anywhere!

Her name is:  Araneus marmoreus or to us simply ~ Orange Marbled Orb Weaver ~

Please do her, and me, the honor of viewing her more closely. I am very excited about my close up skill with her as a specimen!

For those who may wonder, the answer to your question is,


That is my hand holding that leaf.  🙂


For more information and to see the many varieties of Orb Weaver you can visit The Bug Guide Website HERE

Photo Friday: a sneaky visitor

This morning while out feeding and watering the geese I leaned into the shrub that grows there to get to the hose bib.

I  found a visitor.


Can you see him?

I had heard him calling in the night, but never knew what he looked like.

Today he honored me with a close-up. 


Though I think he was a bit shy.

He sounds like this…

Now multiply this by at least a hundred!  😀


PS:  I have much to tell, and have worked out the promised  ‘tentative’ schedule:

Wednesdays and Fridays are for posting.  

Saturday is for visiting and replies to comments.   

Any other days will be counted as icing!


Have a blessed weekend!


Photo Friday: first day of summer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHINT:  If you want to understand this vignette, then you must *click the photograph to enlarge it.


We are having a “Staycation” and working on the Mountain in preparation for our move.


What are your plans for the summer?


*NOTE: Actual odds of anyone clicking the photo are 1 : 150  Why is that?  😉