Photo Friday: find the Claus

Find the kitty!


OK, I sorta tricked you.  Claus is not in this picture.  Although, there is a good-looking leaf pile replica that some of you found right off.  Good eyes, my friends!  🙂 

This morning I was looking into the back forty when I noticed Claus was up on the chicken’s run.   You may or may not recall that he has a bum knee, so this was unusual.  Running (well, OK limping actually 😉 )  to go get my camera and take a picture of this amazing kitty feat for Bob, I got back and he was gone… 

or was he?

There-he-isFunny Boy!  If you can’t find him in this picture then click to enlarge it.


NOTE:  Sorry for the grainy shots, but they were taken through the dining room window. 

Have a Blessed weekend!

32 thoughts on “Photo Friday: find the Claus

    • Lynda says:

      Yes, Annie! Very recently he has begun climbing tree trunks to chase squirrels, hopping up and balancing himself on the top of the chain link fence, and now today I find him all the way up on the chicken’s run, and house! I guess he is what you would call a “late bloomer.”

    • Lynda says:

      Hi, Anna! I settled for the shot, because I couldn’t afford all the PT visits. It is very much better, but I keep forgetting my cane and then I get into trouble without it. 😉 Dr. Said it is arthritis, still in the moderate range. I would hate the think what advanced feels like! 😯

  1. shoreacres says:

    I saw him in the bottom right in that first picture, too. Except he isn’t there! With your guidance, I found him in the second. Aren’t they fun?

    I’m glad to hear your knee’s better.I’ve got some arthritis in my hands that acts up from time to time – its such a weird condition. Swelling joints, itching, all that… It’s not been so terribly bad this year, but there’s no predicting when it’s going to pop up. Be careful – you don’t need more damage!

    • Lynda says:

      You know, Linda, I enlarged the picture and went looking for what you and Elena had seen, and sure enough I saw it too! The leaves in the pile look just like a kitty in hiding. 😀

      As for the knee, it is better. However, as I have found out twice this week I simply am not ready for business as usual. It is such a false sense of wellness, and then I take that one misstep and I’m hurting. 😐

    • Lynda says:

      He used to not be able to do anything athletic, Lori. Yet, in spite of his knee he was always a good runner! Now I guess he has learned to compensate. 😀

      This could be trouble…

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