Keepin’ busy. How about you?

I have been working feverishly on regaining my sewing skills and over the course of an entire year I have, I think, regained much of what I need to get my Etsy store going.  I have made simple  curtains, a dust ruffle, and a hand tied quilt for the guest room… to which I just put the binding on this past week.

This is the first full-sized quilt I have ever made.  I totally cheated and hand tied it to a wonderfully warm and fuzzy blanket.  I made the binding from leftover blocks I sewed together and stripped.  I owe deepest apologies to my friends Tim and Pam for not having the binding on by the time they arrived… I could hardly stand the fuzz as I worked, I simply can’t imagine sleeping with it.  Sorry!

I made my first apron,  using my own pattern.  It is machine sewn with a hand quilted pocket and embroidery to dress it up.  It is very fifties in style, but the embroidery is a thirties effect.

No, it is not uneven, I hung it crooked!  I will have to be more careful when I’m photographing my items for sale…

For Bob I made two pairs of pajama bottoms from flannel I found at Sir’s in Fayetteville, TN.   The deal with Sir’s is this… if you find it and you like it grab what you need, plus a little extra for later, or it will simply have vanished the next time you go back.

Such was the case here.  Not wanting to wear Hello Kitty, or anything juvenile or pink,   we bought what was left of the blue plaid and I had to get creative with the length.  Using the selvages I cut a cuff, and applied it with a bit of black piping I made.  If there had been enough material I would have been able to match the plaids and put the cuff on the bias.  But then if that were the case I wouldn’t have had to add the cuffs now would I?  😉  He is comfortable and warm so that’s what counts, yes?

And now we come to the portion of today’s post that I am totally in love with… these newly quilted half-square triangles that I made last week.  I am using scrappy looking finds from, you guessed it, Sir’s.

Balkan Puzzle

Chunky Chevron

I was so exited to get these completed, and I really think my work was good, so imagine how disappointed I was when I put the 12 and 1/2 square rule down on top only to find that they were a bit smallish.  My only explanation for it is that my 1/4 inch quilting foot is off.   So, I will forge ahead and remember to not work so tightly along the foot’s edge.

In the meantime, I am debating whether or not to make pillows or incorporate these into an apron.  What do you think?  Other ideas?

I almost forgot!  I made myself a clock too!  Many years ago my friend Andrea was hosting some exchange students from Japan.  I guess in Japan it is simply unacceptable to go visiting with empty hands.  Hence I was the recipient of a lovely silk kerchief.  I am allergic to silk… so the kerchief sat in a my drawer for almost 20 years.  A travesty I say!  So,  I carefully quilted it on the machine with lovely metallic gold thread, and set it into an embroidery hoop.  I then backed the piece with heavy cardboard and inserted clock works into its face.  I have seen many of these on the different quilting sites, but none done in lovely whole cloth silk!

Now I can enjoy my lovely gift and know what time it is as well.



31 thoughts on “Keepin’ busy. How about you?

    • pixilated2 says:

      LOL! I used to think that too! Then I started doing it. I’m slower at finishing them than I would like to be, but I am having a blast doing it. The newer rulers and the rotary cutters make the job much easier than when I was a kid and you had to use the scissors!!! Yeah, that was daunting. Try it Anna, go to Craftsy and take the FREE quilting course. You can go at your own pace and once you sign up you can go back any time you like to refresh your memory. I have taken several classes there and often go back to review what I need for a certain block or patch! My favorites are the ones by the Missouri Star Quilting Co. Called: Quilting Quickly (I and II). If you try it, let me know how you like it! ~ L

  1. Lindy Barnes says:

    Lynda, creativity queen. 😀 What a great job you are doing with all your sewing. If I ever get my own sewing space back in action – after moving it 2500 miles – I will then have a 2′ pile of things needing to be fixed in some way. Nor exactly my idea of creativity. 😀

  2. pam says:

    Lyyyyynda!! That quilt is the warmest and most delightful quilt I have ever slept under! It was not uncomfortable or “too fuzzy” in the least! Claus didn’t complain either.

    I looove the lovely plaid pajama bottoms. Those are a favorite with both Tim and me. I hope you offer them on your Etsy!

    As for your quilt squares, I think Balkan Puzzle screams “pillow” but both of them would make darling aprons.

    The clock is beautiful. Did you leave it in the embroidery hoop?

    • pixilated2 says:

      Pam, I was referring to the raw edges of the blanket. LOL! I sleep under similar blankets and love them, but making one into a quilt back required cutting the edges off. Working with it to sew on the binding was just about more than my nose could handle. Pajamas are not cost effective I am afraid. They are a labor of love. I made the plaid, and another pair in black for Bob. Will be making a coral/pinkish and black plaid for myself next week. However… if you would like some for a gift then I could make you matching ones. 😉 This would of course entail having your measurements! Thanks for you vote on the quilt squares, and yes, the clock stays in the embroidery hoop! ~ L

    • pixilated2 says:

      Julie, you are so sweet, thank you! I love your blog as well. That is a talent that you have… the art of writing with humor. Your blog may someday find itself edited and between the covers of a book I think. You have a way of facing your trials with humor and dignity that is inspirational to all who read it. I’m very glad to have met you out here in the blogosphere. ~ L

  3. Cindy Kilpatrick says:

    I’m so impressed – I love it all and wish I still had the motivation to sew. I made a lot of clothes & toys, etc. (knitting and sewing) when my boys were little, thinking all the time that it would be a lot more fun if they were girls. 🙂 I think the last things I made were flannelette boxers when they began to come into vogue, but quit there when I could buy them sooo much less expensively. Suddenly I realized that I really did not enjoy sitting at the sewing machine and trying to make things oh-so precisely so they wouldn’t look wonky when finished. I really admire people like you who have that careful and patient nature. Bravo!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Cindy, thank you! I don’t know about patience, but I am working hard. I love what I am doing so that helps. The other thing that helps is that i can get a lot of practice in on making things for friends. So far, no one has complained or criticized what I have made. But then, I suppose that is not a very good barometer for my skills if I gave it to them for free. 😉 So, I keep sewing and I see that it gets better (and easier!) each project I work on. I know what you mean by making vs. purchasing and the expense. The pajamas were a draw I think, but the quilted items are special. Those are costly to buy. I have to laugh now that I am into it, because I cut up an old quilt I had purchased years ago from a department store to make bed covers for the dog… I could not believe how poorly sewn the quilting was, and you know I parted with LOTS of money when I bought it originally. Mine will definitely be better than that! ~ Lynda

  4. hotlyspiced says:

    Even if you did ‘cheat’, congrats on making a quilt. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid of the work involved. Your guest room looks lovely.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you! Don’t be afraid to try it. Tutorials on the internet abound! Start small by trying a few simple blocks, and you never know, you just might find that you like it. Oh, and the blocks, even if you never make a whole bed quilt, make great hot pads for your kitchen! 😉
      ~ L

  5. littlesundog says:

    Your work is lovely and inspiring! About all I can do is sew buttons on and do some hand mending. My Sis-in-law gave me a sewing machine recently and I couldn’t even figure out how to thread it up. I even looked at the intructions and could not understand the pictures! I think it’s a hopeless venture…

    • pixilated2 says:

      Lori, thank you for your vote of confidence! Don’t give up on the sewing just because you can’t thread it up… Your sister-in-law could surely show you how to do that, and if not, I am certain that there is somewhere on Youtube or sewing and repair store near you that can. Recently, I purchased a 5mm rolled hem foot for my machine and I could not get it to work. So, I typed in “how to use a Viking rolled hem foot” on Google and bingo! There was a very sweet young lady who patiently showed me in a little video how easy it was to do. (FIVE times in a row I might add!!!) 😉 Except for sewing clothing which my mom taught me, I have learned how to do everything else online. It is an amazing age that we live in. ~ Lynda

  6. ceciliag says:

    I need to talk to you about the etsy, i may have to put the postcards on there so that the overseas people can buy them.. is that a good idea, or do i need tons of stuff to begin?.. I could probably do prints as well.. c

    • pixilated2 says:

      Cecilia, I was told to save up and have at lease a dozen or more items to start. The advice was: “Have lots of choices, or the potential customers will be bored and not come back.” Hence, I have not opened my ‘doors’ for business yet. Please feel free to email me directly if you like so we can talk more. farmlet(at)att(dot)net I would love to hear from you anytime. 😀 ~ L

  7. An Embarrassment of Freedom says:

    Lovely work on quilts, pajamas and apron. You remind me of my sister! Her thing right now is crochet and she is truly wonderful at it. I can’t do anything like that. i did write a story about a quilt show at my church though! (if there is a quilting bee i offer to cater lunch and that goes over quite well!!!)

  8. An Embarrassment of Freedom says:

    Hi Lynda!
    The writing group that i blogged about was a great experience. Maybe you could find one close to you. I just found another one that is only a few minutes into town so I will try it in March. i went to one in another area last week but it only had three people including myself and no leader. They just called to tell me it was cancelled. I’m avoiding being a group leader myself as i’m enjoying just bumming around for a change! Let me know if you find a group….or start one!

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