The best blog give-a-way ever! (And I didn’t even win) What a talented dog!!!


TonTon, stop posing.  You are supposed to be choosing a winner. Three winners actually to win a package of farmy postcards.  Pick a winner TonTon.

TonTon.  Each  folded comment has a name.  Now take a wee paper out of the Pom Pom Hattie and bring it to me.  Gimme TonTon.  TonTon Gimme

TonTon this has to work you are supposed to be choosing the winners. (sigh) Get my hattie TonTon, Where’s My Hattie!Gimme TonTon, Gimme.  No, the paper.  TonTon. Gimme paper.  You know what that means, we have been practicing.


Oh you brought my Hattie and dropped all the papers.  Well.  Hmm.  Good Boy.

Thank you for my Hattie.  Yes, I will put it on. No, we are not going outside now. Now Ton see where I am pointing.  Try and act like a clever dog. Gimme Paper. Gimme paper. Good Boy

Now gimme.  Good boy.  Winner Number…

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