The Key

I haven’t been writing lately and I have been missing it!  I much prefer a prompt that requires me to write creatively over many of the prompts that require the topic to be about me.   After all, you get enough of that here on my blog!  Today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups was a picture prompt.  Perfect!


The Key

Lost key

Waking before everyone, Laura quietly dressed, and went outside.  This morning’s fog was a freezing surprise!  Walking across the lawn, she stopped to look back at the shrouded house and noticed her footprints outlined in the frosty grass.  Smiling she turned to go and spied a little key.  Picking it up she continued on to the big tree where she could be alone in the mist.  Leaning against the trunk she felt it; a keyhole.  Curious, she thought, I never saw that before. She put the key in and turned…

“Snick”  A door opened revealing a staircase.

She went up.


So now, just for fun, it is your turn! 

What happened next?


PLEASE NOTE:    I have decided not to make comments on your entries, because this is just for fun and I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated!



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30 thoughts on “The Key

      • Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

        i got sidetracked with other comments and am about to return to the paint!

        ja! because i stay in right-brain mode so often with my art, i stifle random story lines throughout each day. all it takes is the essence of an idea, and i run with it in many directions!
        first, you did an amazing job – you are the one that created the amazing set for someone/anyone to slowly open that door and take a peek!

        a easy one would be for you to step through that door and be on your new farm/paradise..but the door is magic, so if i stepped through it, i might step onto easter island.. or the pampas of argentina. or i might go back thousands of years and observe this culture of indians.. and i’d want to observe all of the ancient cultures!
        or there’s a lovely meadow, pond, picnic basket, spring flowers and a great escape for the day…

        one could step into a parallel universe where there i am in a different role because of different choices i made. for sure i’d be writing you on wordpress!!!! maybe i would have become a renown pianist or a bass player for a heavy metal group (NOT!) or an ethnobotanist….

        i would end up writing a dozen stories or more!

        (how did i do?)

        • Lynda says:

          I have a birthday coming up, the one in which I officially become an old fart… I shall make a special request for this as my present. Thank you, Lisa!

  1. billiescauldron says:

    She went inside and began walking up the stairs for she had entered into the dream of Hope School, where she was not the only one to attend, but there were many others dressed in white gowns. 🙂

  2. newpillowbook says:

    All right, here’s my version –

    The stairs spiraled out of sight to a small square room lit by a skylight. Doors centered in each wall opened to hallways painted green, blue, pink, and yellow.

    Laura One looked at each hall for a long time, then went back down the stairs, locking the tree behind her. Frosty footsteps crossed and blurred as she walked steadily back to her family.

    Laura Two took a deep breath and stepped into the green hallway. It would take days to tell you about her adventures. She never looked back.

    Laura Three went back and forth to each door, to the head of the stairs, back to the doors. She’s still there.

  3. chatou11 says:

    Laura walked up the stairs.. up there, she found a door.. she knocked at the door and she did not hear a sound. She pushed it but there was any room, only an amazing landscape with a small house; She narrowed her eyes to read the panel on the front door. She thought perhaps the thouse was for sale.. she narrowed her eyes again and she red ” The Farmlet”..
    She walked down the stairs and run quickly through the field getting to the house.. a very pretty house.. “The Farmlet” was written in blue letters! The door was locked.
    She suddenly remembered she had this strange key in her hands, she entered the key in the lock and this was magic.. the door opened.
    Laura thought that this house meant to be hers!

    I had fun tu write this Lynda, thought my english is not as it was..
    Have a nice day

  4. tootlepedal says:

    She found that she was in the branch of a library and sat down to read a book with many leaves. She remained rooted to spot for several hours. She twigged that she was in an enchanted place and secreted the key about her person and returned many times after that to live in that land of make believe that the wood of trees turned into paper leads us into.

  5. littlesundog says:

    The steps were shallow and she found she had to hunker down slightly as ambled up the steps. The area of the staircase and the small steps seemed to be designed to accommodate a small child. A tiny window with four panes emitted the only light at the top of the staircase. The most heavenly, sweet aroma filled the small area. It was as if she stepped back to a time in her Grandmother’s kitchen – memories of cookies and cakes, sweet delights and scrumptious desserts!

    A small door stood in front of her now. She lifted the tiny, round, metal door-knocker and timidly let it fall against the metal plate. Furiously, the door flew open and a POOF of dust clouded her vision. She could hear clanging and voices, the sound of metal clattering and an offensive heat blasted at her. “WELL, THERE YOU ARE!!!” She looked down, where the voice came from. In front of her knees, there stood a pointy-eared fellow with a floppy red hat dressed in a green jacket, yellow pantaloons, and pointy brown shoes! “LOOK FELLAS!!” he squeaked, “THIS IS OUR NEW PASTRY CHEF!!! HURRY ALONG NOW! WE HAVE AN ORDER FOR 500K CHIPS DELUXE TRIPLE CHOCOLATE, AN ORDER FOR 150K FUDGE STRIPES, and 300K E.L. FUDGE DOUBLE STUFFED COOKIES DUE OUT THIS MORNING AT 10:00!! STOKE UP THE KEEBLER MAGIC OVEN… LET’S GET ROLLING!!”

    Lynda, I must confess, I have been composing my own blog post all evening and when I read that I would have to finish this story, I became overwhelmed. I was telling FD about it (he’s out of town tonight) and he was the one who came up with the Keebler Elf story… he’s a lot more witty and creative than I am… especially at this hour!!

    This was fun! I loved reading everyone else’s story endings!

  6. Sawsan@ Chef in disguise says:

    Hello Lynda..I really enjoyed reading your story and everyone’s take on how it will go is mine
    The staircase was dark and stuffy, she could barely see a few steps ahead of where she stood, the light from the door she left behind “and often looked back on to check if it was still there” was the only source of light but something inside her kept pushing her to go on, as if answering a call from whatever lay at the top of those stairs.
    Laura climbed on, slowly. That urge inside her to get to the top growing with every heartbeat but then the stairs took a sudden twist and she knew she had to let go of the door’s light. She stood there for a few minutes, looking back at the safety of the light she was leaving behind and the life that waited for her behind it. She closed her eyes for a minute,”I need to do this” and climbed on.
    At first in complete darkness, feeling the walls with her hands to keep from falling but before long she could see a faint light at the top of the stairs. It grew bigger and brighter with every step she took and she found herself going up faster and faster, eager to find out what it is that was calling her on.
    At the top of the stair she found herself in a round room with a big window for a roof, she could see the bright blue sky and a few clouds sailing by. The air was fresh and the gentle breeze carried over the smell of spring blossoms. She looked around for the source of the smell but could not find it.All she could see was a floor lined with big grayish stones and bare walls. Other than the way she came in, there was only one way out A big door right across from were she stood with something engraved on it. She walked over to read what was written.
    Be Ware Laura
    Seeing her name engraved there made her gasp and take a step back
    If you open this door there will be no turning back

    • Lynda says:

      Sawsan, you and Linda, that’s Shoreacres below, have both left open ended story additions. You ladies are challenging me to continue, which as Linda pointed out, isn’t actually commenting… OK, Thinking! 😉

    • Lynda says:

      “Beware, no turning back?” she thought, “Surely not!” Hesitating only a moment, her curiosity took hold and she opened the door. A shimmering veil seemed to cover the entrance. Reaching out her hand passed through it with a tingling sensation. She quickly pulled it back, flexed her fingers, and examined it. No visible damage, she thought. Placing her hands on each side of the door jamb she pushed her head through the veil…

    • Lynda says:

      Climbing in the darkness the stairwell seemed to narrow. She remembered a story she read in the news years ago about a poor chap that had tried to retrieve something in a small cave entrance. He’d wriggled himself in, became wedged and couldn’t reverse himself. A search party found him two weeks later, but too late. She was beginning to feel panicked, when the stairwell opened again…

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