The Key

I haven’t been writing lately and I have been missing it!  I much prefer a prompt that requires me to write creatively over many of the prompts that require the topic to be about me.   After all, you get enough of that here on my blog!  Today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups was a picture prompt.  Perfect!


The Key

Lost key

Waking before everyone, Laura quietly dressed, and went outside.  This morning’s fog was a freezing surprise!  Walking across the lawn, she stopped to look back at the shrouded house and noticed her footprints outlined in the frosty grass.  Smiling she turned to go and spied a little key.  Picking it up she continued on to the big tree where she could be alone in the mist.  Leaning against the trunk she felt it; a keyhole.  Curious, she thought, I never saw that before. She put the key in and turned…

“Snick”  A door opened revealing a staircase.

She went up.


So now, just for fun, it is your turn! 

What happened next?


PLEASE NOTE:    I have decided not to make comments on your entries, because this is just for fun and I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated!



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