A bedtime snack

Yesterday morning I put out food for Georgie and Frelnick,

and the Mommas ate it all up!


So, right at sunset I put the Mommas into their yard and gave the Gosling Brothers a bedtime snack.

I think they were happy.Β 


Though I can’t say the same for the Mommas.


Have a blessed day!

16 thoughts on “A bedtime snack

  1. shoreacres says:

    The boys look like they’re doing just fine – they don’t look like babies any more! I like your technique – it wasn’t any different than when I was growing up and they’d feed us kids first and then shoo us away so the big people could have some peace and quiet!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Linda, It was like that, but in reverse, LOL! Those Momma’s want to rule the world! They eat all the food, swim in the babies pool, completely ignoring their own, that is until the babies think, “OK, turn about is fair play.” and get into the big pool…

      Today Georgie challenged Little Dorrit and got his wing PINCHED. HARD! I had to intervene. Well actually, I probably didn’t have to but I couldn’t stand the squeeling! 😐
      ~ L

    • pixilated2 says:

      Patti, I just love that new little message box that allows you to see and answer comments on the fly, don’t you? The only problem with it is that if you forget to click the reply button (DUH!) your response to the replies get flushed! SORRY! 😐

      That aside, you are absolutely correct! Furthermore, they are very jealous and are wreaking havoc in the orchard and in my newly planted areas along the fence!
      So far it’s Geese THREE:

      One newly planted peach tree – GIRDLED!!! (Yes, THAT peach tree)
      One two year old Granny Smith apple tree with four new apples on it this year – GIRDLED!
      One newly planted azalea – EATEN ROOTS AND ALL!

      Me? I’m just all around TICKED!

      ~ Lynda
      (They had better watch out or I just might change their names to Dinner) πŸ˜‰

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