A bedtime snack

Yesterday morning I put out food for Georgie and Frelnick,

and the Mommas ate it all up!


So, right at sunset I put the Mommas into their yard and gave the Gosling Brothers a bedtime snack.

I think they were happy. 


Though I can’t say the same for the Mommas.


Have a blessed day!

Improvement all around

Lately it would seem that if it could go wrong it did.  There were broken glasses, dryers, teeth, and sick animals too!  However, things are getting better here on the Farmlet.

The geese are improving,  growing, and need to be OUTSIDE!  Their bills and feet should be turning a bit to the orange, but without daily sunlight this is not happening.

They are long overdue!

(Click the photo to see how much they have grown!)


Then there are the toxic fumes from their diapers towels (which need changing a minimum of 8 times a day)…

Biohazard - Green Fumes - Biohazard, Green Fumes(Please click to be taken to Desktop Nexus and this screen saver)

and are smelling worse than a diaper pail!

!!! 😦 !!!

Under normal circumstances the Gosling Boys would have already been outside.  However, being sick they have needed special care and a more controlled environment.   Recently, I have been taking them out to eat grass and get more exercise and sun.  I’ve gradually increased the time they spend outside, and their time alone as well.  I’ve been going in and coming back out at varying intervals, and they don’t seem to like it much!  I can hear them crying at the back door as I type.

They have become overly dependent upon my presence.

While we are out I let the Mommas over into the back yard to visit.  The goslings want to play with them, but every time they run over to greet them the Ladies all pull up their skirt-feathers and run away!  It is simply too funny to see grownup geese run away from the babies!  Well, one can only hope that the boys will gain finesse and a better standing with them as they continue to grow.

Interestingly, there is a bond, of sorts, that I didn’t know existed between them.  Today when I went to catch the goslings, the Momma’s came up honking, hissing and threatening me within an inch of my life.  I really thought that Polly was going to take a bite out of me!  You see it’s the screaming they boys make.  It is ear-piercing and quite pitiful sounding.  In fact, if you could hear it you would think that something more along the lines of a life and death situation was going on. It has come to this because of having to administer all the medications.  They have now become so strong that it is a fight every morning and evening.  Thankfully, we are almost done with medications!

Meanwhile, I have Polly and the Hister Sisters to contend with.


Put the Gosling down, and back away, or someone is gonna get pinched!


Baby Huey Fights Back and Wins! (Well, sort of)

I have been taking the babies outside for a bit of exercise, greens, and some sun.  I also want the babies and the Mommas to get used to each other.

Polly seems to be genuinely interested in the little Hueys, but the Hister Sisters aren’t so taken with them.  They hiss, stretch their necks, and wiggle their neck feathers at them.  When they do this their eyes seem to get this fixed stare to them and it is genuinely scary looking.

The Hueys don’t seem to mind so much so long as I am in view, but if they can’t find me then panic ensues!  They stretch their necks up like periscopes and swivel their heads, all the while peeping in unison, it is a frantic sounding call.

Yesterday on our little walk the Mommas came up and stood their ground, as if to say, “This is our turf, go find your own clover to nibble.  The little Hueys just hid under my skirt.  Then one of them popped out and peeped at Polly, whereupon she stretched down and bonked him on the head with her bill!


The little Huey sprang to action and raising himself up to full stretch he flapped his little winglets and charged her!  She, being caught off guard, tried to avoid his lunge and nearly fell backward onto her tail feathers!

I am sorry there are no pictures of this little battle, but it was such a shock, and it all happened so fast…

It was hysterical!

The Hueys have been here since May 1st, and that is only two weeks, but Oh how they have grown!  When I got them they were shipped in a little cardboard crate like this one.

This is Polly and her siblings in the box, when they first arrived in April of 2010.  They were so small!

The new baby Hueys are so inquisitive, so cute, and so B-I-G!

Can you see their white down growing up through their baby fuzz?  There are the beginnings of pin feathers in there too!

Would you believe me if I told you they used to BOTH fit in their food dish?

They do grow fast in only two weeks.  😉


UPDATE:  Here is a nice article that you might enjoy on geese from Hobby Farms  http://www.hobbyfarms.com/livestock-and-pets/raising-geese-14963.aspx

Ollie-Ollie-Alls-for-Free (or oxen free)

So this morning I go to let the geese out of the barn and there are only two in the nest!  Polly and the little girl.  Where’s that little boy gotten off too?  I search the barn calling out for him and I hear a weak little peep, peep, peep – peep, peep, peep…

I look everywhere and I can hear him faintly, but cannot see him!

Finally, I  find him.  He had escaped his corral and gotten himself wedged UP-SIDE-DOWN between the wall and a pallet laying on the ground.  His little flappy feet are kicking back and forth uselessly in time to his little peeping sounds.  I scoop him up, turn him right side up, and carry him out to fresh grass and water.

When I put him down he tries to stand, totters and falls back down.  I think he must have been upside-down for a very long while.  Poor Baby!  Those flappy feet “went to sleep without him!”  Later that day all is well and he is happily following along with Polly and the baby girl again.


“My feet went to sleep without me!”  What I used to say when very young and suffering from that nasty pins and needles feeling.