ATTENTION: If you are a WordPress user and are ANNOYED with the automatic check marks in the follow the conversation box at the end of each comment you make, then


You can now get rid of it in your global settings. News

Update (May 17): Since this feature went live we’ve had a bunch of feedback and it looks like following comments by default is not a good fit for a lot of bloggers (and their readers) after all. We looked at a few different options, but for now we’ve just changed things back to how they were before. To follow a conversation, make sure you check the box when you post a comment.

It’s now much easier for you and your commenters to keep track of the conversations you’re involved in across Some recent tests have shown that by subscribing commenters to new comments by default, they are more likely to stay engaged and come back and comment more on your blog. With that knowledge, we’ve changed the default comment following behavior to help you get more conversations going on your blog.

We made the initial changes last week and after…

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4 thoughts on “

  1. ceciliag says:

    you know i went over to that page and got caught laughing at peoples comments… hilarious, i think it is very sweet that one man is answering the comments tho!! I have disabled the box on my site.. I hope it is still gone! i have not had anyone complain yet.. c

    • pixilated2 says:

      I disabled it too. The box is still there, but now you have the choice of checking it if you WANT TO get answers by email. I don’t find it useful since we now have the little notification window in our tool bar for any comments. And the comments in the drop down window are direct responses to my posts and comments, and not every Tom, Dick and Jane who posts a general response. 😉
      ~ L

    • pixilated2 says:

      Yeah, and the poor fellow answering all the comments doesn’t seem to be getting it at all. BTW, I forgot to uncheck the box from your last post and just found 30 something comments from your readers. LOL! Yup, just what the world needs, an overstuffed email box, huh? 😉 ~ L

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