Ollie-Ollie-Alls-for-Free (or oxen free)

So this morning I go to let the geese out of the barn and there are only two in the nest!  Polly and the little girl.  Where’s that little boy gotten off too?  I search the barn calling out for him and I hear a weak little peep, peep, peep – peep, peep, peep…

I look everywhere and I can hear him faintly, but cannot see him!

Finally, I  find him.  He had escaped his corral and gotten himself wedged UP-SIDE-DOWN between the wall and a pallet laying on the ground.  His little flappy feet are kicking back and forth uselessly in time to his little peeping sounds.  I scoop him up, turn him right side up, and carry him out to fresh grass and water.

When I put him down he tries to stand, totters and falls back down.  I think he must have been upside-down for a very long while.  Poor Baby!  Those flappy feet “went to sleep without him!”  Later that day all is well and he is happily following along with Polly and the baby girl again.


“My feet went to sleep without me!”  What I used to say when very young and suffering from that nasty pins and needles feeling.

6 thoughts on “Ollie-Ollie-Alls-for-Free (or oxen free)

  1. sassafrasvalley says:

    I am eternally amazed at how many ways a baby goose can kill itself… hanging themselves in the v’s of branches, tipping into buckets and drowning, falling upside down and dying of sun exposure, strangling themselves in the electronet fence, getting stuck onder a root and drowning in the creek. Its always so sad to find them, they are so sweet and goofy. Just try to remember that they are eggs-with-legs for a long, long time. So hooray you saved the little “splatty foot!”

  2. Lindy says:

    The visual in my head of this poor little guy hanging upside down and flapping his little webbed feet made me laugh. I am just so very glad he is OK. Love your, “my feet went to sleep without me”. I’m going to remember that one. 😀

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