Friday Fictioneers: what carl didn’t understand

I’ve been off my writing for Friday Fictioneers of late.  However, when this photo from Adam Ickes was submitted this morning, by Rochelle over at Addicted to Purple, I just had to get my first impression written down.  Thanks to you both for sharing.

The writing is open to anyone, and the rules are easy:  writers are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with the prompt and 100 word constraints.


adamickes-childsbootsCopyright – Adam Ickes

What Carl didn’t Understand

Carl never really got the hang of living life in the real world.  He’d grown up always wishing he was someone else.   Somewhere else.

Fact is, he’d always wanted to be a cowboy, to go back in time and experience life in the rough.  So one day at the museum he stunned everyone when he stripped down and just walked into the lobby mural.  Too bad he didn’t know the rules of entering into a painting.  You see, you don’t get to choose.  Once you’re in, like a fly on flypaper, you’re static.

That’s him over on the lower left.


For other takes on today’s great prompt look HERE!

Word count:  100

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: what carl didn’t understand

  1. Dee says:

    That’s really clever of you to include the image from the mural in your story. I noticed it, but that’s all I can say. Great take on the prompt, good to see you here again.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    Another surprise from you! You really have a knack for creating fascinating and surprising stories! And, I have just one question: Where IS this museum?? I might have to pay a visit!! LOL

    • Lynda says:

      Welcome and thank you, Liz! I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but for some reason it didn’t seem to take. It happens to me a lot on Blogger, and I don’t know why. Ah well, I liked your story’s twist. I love a twist ending! 😀

  3. kerrieanns says:

    I love how creative this story is! I also found it entertaining that he wanted to be a cowboy, but ended up being an indian (at least it looks like an indian in the picture).

  4. Mary Strong-Spaid says:

    What (and where) is the “Friday Fictioneers.” Do you just look at a photo and then make up a story to go with it? Of course, that would be appealing to me…I do that all the time. Looks like fun.

    • Lynda says:

      Mary, I’m sorry but I forgot to mention that Rochelle at Addicted to Purple is in charge of the FF. If you click on her name in my intro above you will be taken directly to her site and this weeks prompt, and it’s not too late to get into this weeks story writing! Picture prompts appear in your email-box on Wednesday mornings. 😉 Hope to see you there!

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