The Crazy Chicken Lady Gazette Vol. 1, No 2

Bringing you all the chicken poop that’s fit to print, and some as what ain’t.


Wherein the Noodle Dog Learns He Cain’t FLY

Fall has come creeping up in dribs-n-drabs and the weather has cooled enough for us to get some things done about the place.  This means me prepping chicken for the freezer… and convincing Bob that I need that back deck done!  The temporary steps we got (mummmbbble) months years back to replace the deteriorated ones are now themselves rotting and rickety.  I must confess that when we bought the wood for the job we had no idea that illness would settle in like an unwanted relative and stay with us for so long.  However we are now, relatively speaking, fit and ready for getting the job done.

And so it was, that while Bob worked at laying on and screwing down the planking, the Noodle needed to potty from time to time.  Having become used to the deck being there (albeit not screwed down) he has taken to flying off the steps and then right back up when he’s done his business.  Yesterday when he had to go I would pass him through the door to Bob and he would set him down to ‘go’.  However, at the end of the day when he went out, he did his business and then instead of coming to Bob for a lift into the mudroom,  he raced up the steps and, for all intents and purposes, tried to fly!

I give him credit for form and gumption.  The deck is 12 ft long and he made it just past center before he began losing altitude and crashed into a cross beam, tangled his legs in it, rolled, and then fell to the ground in a swan nose dive.  Had there been a diving pool below he would have won on that swan dive alone.  As it was, he jumped up and looked at us with a most confused expression, then shook himself off as if to say:  “I’m OK!”       <— (Click, it’s funny I promise.)


Thankfully, today finds him totally fine and full of spunk.


Regarding Miss Dixie

Dixie wanted you to know that she is no longer being incarcerated by the neighbors.  The lady of the house lamented as how sad she was to let out all her chickens to play in the grass and bask in the sun, and then listen to Miss Dixie complain all day…

Hm… ya think?

I cheerfully suggested that since their garden was done for the summer and that Miss Dixie preferred to sleep in our tree each night, that she just leave her to run free.    I am so happy to say that she has done just that.  I rarely see Dixie over the fence, as she has begun hanging out in the temporary quarters with the *Stay Puft Gang and the three Little Red Hens.  Apparently, she thinks they have the best eats.  I even spied her visitin’ with the Cornish just this morning, well, until Crow started giving her unwanted attention.  😉


On the Business Front

I have been working feverishly to complete a long overdue project for a friend and I’m happy to say it is done, mailed and has been received.  I am now going to apply the same efforts and steam to make new items for my Etsy shop.  The crickets have taken over and it is well past time to add some new fall and winter items.  I will post these as they are completed and added.

See y’all next time!


*Stay Puft Gang:  My euphemism for the meat chickens out back. For the uninitiated Stay Puft is a fictional Marshmallow character from the movie, Ghostbusters.

18 thoughts on “The Crazy Chicken Lady Gazette Vol. 1, No 2

  1. shoreacres says:

    This is a whole lot of good news in one post — well, except for that attempt at flying, I suppose. But no harm was done, and I’m especially glad to hear that you and Bob are feeling better. I see you have a link to your Etsy shop up — I need to go over and have a look. Isn’t it great, the way fall can get the juices flowing again? I’m feeling more energized myself, although I’m sure I’ll feel even more energized once it stops being 90 degrees.

    Hooray for your Dixie chick, too. Freedom beats confinement, every time.

    • Lynda says:

      We are, Linda. 🙂 As for the Etsy shop, well, as I said I need to get sewing! Stay tuned! I’m sorry that it is so hot for you, especially since I know you work in it every day! 😛 But, even Texas has to cool off eventually.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    I am glad to see so much information in this update! It sounds like the Noodle is quite the entertainer? How’s Buddy adjusting? I’m so glad to hear that you both are healed and doing well. I’m ready for the cool weather… feel like curling up in a quilt!! 🙂

    • Lynda says:

      Noodle! He’s… a noodle!!! Buddy is adjusting quite well, although he did surprise us again the other night in the kitchen. We really have no idea what started it, but we were certain that he was going to eat him! Thankfully, whatever it was, it ended as suddenly as it began. 😯 (And I am glad you have quilts to curl up in. I am certain you had doubts of ever seeing them again.) 🙂

  3. pattisj says:

    Yay to good health! That’s kind of how some of our projects end–only no illness usually, just too many hours at work–or something more important breaks and requires attention. Glad to hear Miss Dixie is free.

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Patti! I remember the days of too many hours at work and they are just as good at eating up your time.
      As for Miss Dixie, it’s been wonderful to see that little old white chicken peacefully scratching in our yard each day.

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