An Estate Sale

Yesterday we went to the Mountain Farmlet for the Octogenarian’s Estate Sale.    I found myself agog, and later aghast at the prices that her household items and antiques went for!  Example:

Hoosier Cabinet in pristine condition:  $40.00  Even the auctioneer was a bit peeved over that one.  (I didn’t purchase this because I already have one.)

Let it be said that I was surprised at the prices we paid for the items we purchased, but remember, we were the highest bidders.  Oddly some of the least of the items went for more, and the expected higher priced items went for less.

Items we purchased:

  • Vintage folk art stoolA much painted, sturdy, small, and built to last bit of very cute!  ~ $8.00
  • Vintage miscellaneous garden toolsLots of them.  $20.00
  • Newer, pink upholstered chair.   (Nobody wanted it, and I will slipcover it!)  ~ $1.00
  • Five Vintage maple dining chairs and one upholstered ottoman.  These will be cleaned, joints tightened up, and refinished or painted.  The ottoman will reupholstered.  $5.00
  • Four Assorted antique/vintage Hanging Chairs  ~ $5.00 for all.  These hang off wooden pegs on the side of the log cabin’s wall.  They needed to stay there.
  • Set of Fireplace tools.  ~ $7.00
  • Set of Living room furniture in excellent condition. My guess?  They were kept slip-covered since purchase.  Upholstered settee and two upholstered chairs for our highest bid of $15.00!
  • Antique oval entry table (altered to coffee table height). This item was the subject of a bidding war between an older fella and me…  I started at $5.00 and the auctioneer asked for $5.50, and so on.  At about the $15 dollar range I just held up my card and looked at the auctioneer and left it there.  The auctioneer kept adding in 50 cent increments and the Old Fella and me were staring each other down, friendly like you know, but when the price jumped by a dollar to $27.00, I felt my head tilt ever so slightly and my left eyebrow arch up.  He gave me a look I can only describe as incredulous and dropped out, so I got the table for $26.00.  The quarter sawn oak is unbelievable.  The table has a few issues with chipped veneer at the sides, but when you see the base and the top you simply overlook the flaws.    (see an example below)
  • Seed Planter.  This is what I originally came for, and it was also a hotly bid after item.  $45.00  New ones, see sample HERE, cost about $125.00 so still a good buy!
  • Antique harrow.  $25.00  I could only find one picture out there of this man-powered torture device, and he wasn’t sharing, so here is the link  HARROW    Mine has wooden handles and no wheel on front.  I don’t have any idea what I will do with it.  I don’t really want to leave it out in the elements, and of course, it is not appropriate for inside use.  LOL!  Do you have ideas for how, and where I might use/display this item? 😉
  • One medium sized Bench vise.  $9.00  We left two or three of these behind in California, and I have regretted it on more than one repairing mission!  The new ones are cheaply made,  fall apart easily, and are unbelievably EXPENSIVE!  I had to outbid several Old Fellas for this item!
  • Two Bench Grinders (one working one not) These were also items we left behind in California.  Anyway, if I recall correctly, they were supposed to be $12.00, and apparently were free, because I don’t believe we were ever charged for them.  oops!  😳

Having experienced my first auction I must say that it is a good way to find things you really need for a price you can really afford.  That said, I don’t think it is a good way to sell off your lovely treasures!


Most embarrassing moment?  It was my first time at an auction and I was new to the rules of the bidding… At one point bidding on the seeder I thought someone outbid me and I raised my card again…

The auctioneer:  “Mam, you’re bidding against yurself, and I can’t charge ya twice!”

The crowd found this hilarious.


coffeetable2finishedThe table looks very similar to this, but that beautiful tiger stripe you see on the side is all across the top too!

I will have pictures for you of the home and the fun stuff we bought later this week!  😀

It is Official: we made them an offer they couldn’t refuse



Can you feel my excitement?

Soon the antiquated barn with ‘good bones‘ will be fixed and those horse shoes on the wall will be the first and easiest thing done…


I will have to nail them all facing up so all the good luck doesn’t run out.  😉


And I simply must make friends with the pygmy pony too.  I think I will grow  carrots just for him!

A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protect...

A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protective talisman in some cultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)