I didn’t want to talk about it

~ but now I will ~


I lost my good friend Buddy last month.  He was thirteen almost to the day.

We hiked together, when we were younger,  took walks together when we got older, and for the past year he was always at my side; followed me everywhere.  He wouldn’t be separated from me no matter how many times I changed rooms, but with a difference lately.  He didn’t follow me outside, because he didn’t want to go up and down the steps unless absolutely necessary.

Pain meds helped for a while, but then he stopped following me inside and had begun to not even greet Bob at the door when he got home. Then he couldn’t keep his food down.

It was time.

Writing this brings tears to my eyes.  The house has been too quiet without him padding by my side each and every day.  So while some would be amazed at what I did yesterday, maybe even shocked, I went out and found a new friend to keep me company.  He walks by my side from room to room, follows me out on my chores, though I will not let him in with the chickens or the geese.  Not safe.  Without further explanation:

Meet Walker!

Look at those speckled feet!

He is a rescue pup I found through  A New Leash On Life.  I tried to pick a totally different kind of dog.  I really did!  Yet, I ended up with one that, at least as a two month pup, looks very like Buddy.  The big difference will be when he grows up.  Buddy was Lab and Border Collie  (very fluffy), and Walker is Hound and possibly Lab, so short hair.

The exciting bits of new puppy ownership are: Puppy breath (apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it’s grand);  Wiggles and puppy licks;  and, The need for constant motion until you just drop (as above).

The not so exciting bits of new puppies?  Chewing, house training, chewing, and did I mention House training!?  I think we are making something in the way of progress, because this morning after telling him very loudly and for the third time,


He actually stopped and ran for the back door where he sat and waited for me to take him out to finish the deed.

This too shall pass ❤

It wasn’t me!

More to come!


Things that explode in the night

I always read myself to sleep on the couch each night and then when I wake up at what ever ridiculous time in the AM I go to bed.  It has become a annoying routine, but one that assures I will sleep when my head does hit the pillow.  Unless of course I am sick in which case sleep does not normally allude me.

Monday night’s routine was going according to habit and plan and I had just dozed off when there was a horrendous explosion right outside in front of our house…  Now don’t think bad of me or hold it against me, but after being so thoroughly jarred from slumber at 12:45 AM I jumped up and was heard to shout, to nobody in particular:  “What…the…he…!!!” (twice actually).  The house had now been plunged into total darkness and silence.

so much for sliding into slumber.

I stood in the dark trembling and then began fumbling for my little flashlight that takes me from couch to bed without burning out my retinas or waking Bob from his slumber, and then went out to the front porch to see what had made the explosive sound.  Silly to tell you this, but that feeble little light only showed me business as usual; grass, shrubberies, fence-line, cars in the drive… Oh, and that the rest of the houses on our street were in darkness too.  Hm, I thought,  the transformer is on a pole at the roadside just in front of our orchard/gardens…

“Yeah, that’s it.” I told myself

So, I came in, locked the door, and found Bob fully awake and standing up in the dark by the bedside.  Groggily he asked, “What happened?” Then said, “My CPAP quit.”  I told him I thought it was the transformer, and we put ourselves to bed.  Well, about 4:00AM we woke up to big truck sounds and chainsaws right outside our bedroom window! The light from said trucks was very bright and leaking in around the blackout shades!


We got up again, went to the front room window and then out onto the porch to find this…

click for a larger view

The work to clear away the tree, restore power to the house on the other side of said tree, and to reconnect telephone and electricity to all the homes from our house down took all day.  Strangely, our power came online very quickly, but new lines to all the neighbor’s houses and power were not restored until about 9:00PM last night.

All things considered, even with missed work and no electricity, this was the best possible outcome: Right into the street and not onto their home and vehicles.





Things that happened while I was away

I mostly finished my Quilting studio.

I never showed you because I was embarrassed that it wasn’t all cleaned up.

Suddenly this week I realized that if it was all cleaned up, then it meant nothing was getting made.

I’ll settle for neat and well used.


NOTE:  Things on hold during my quilting frenzy are painting the noticeable unpainted edges of the shelving and computer table, and making those roller shades so I can block the sun from blinding me two times a day.  I have the fabric; I just need a minute…  😉

I’m back, it’s back and almost a finish!

Keeping it short and to the point:

I made a Christmas quilt and then sent it away to Hamilton Missouri for quilting.  I held my breath and waited, a rather long time, and it is now here!

I was stunned at the condition of the box, but…




the treasure inside was unharmed!

Please click to see the snowflakes!

I am calling it “The Night Before Christmas”.  It is very 50s, very country, and was really fun to make.


Next, I will be adding the binding and then listing it on EBAY for sale.  And of course I will be showing you the bound and ready for sale photo too.

more soon!