A deadly encounter

It is 6:27 in the morning and I just got a call from Bob on his way to work.  This is very unusual.  He was very upset; I could hear it in his voice.

He said he was traveling through a local wooded area and saw two deer on the side of the road.  At the very last possible moment one of them bolted.

He just walked through the door.  He is OK, but his spirit is damaged.

I am sad for both of them.


Dimples must be related to a TIMEX.  She takes a licken’ and keeps on ticken’.

Over the past five years:

  1. Rear end collision (not at fault (NAF)
  2. Rear end collision – second in one week! (NAF)
  3. Golf ball and Tangerine sized hail damage!!!  (Car is named Dimples after that.)
  4. Hit a telephone pole hydroplaning at Dead Man’s Curve!
  5. Hit a deer.  😦