The History of the English Language: off topic

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a wordmonger.   I love collecting and using words, stringing them together into sentences and paragraphs to tell a story, share a feeling, or convey a thought.  And although I am not entirely proficient, I do try very hard to convey my thoughts, feelings and ideas online via the written word.

When attending university in California, I was required to take a course entitled, The History of English, and I loved it!  I found knowing the roots of our language  interesting.   I thought perhaps you would too, or at the very least you will find this particular history of it amusing as it is presented here, and so I share with you a “tongue in cheek” view of…



Q:  What do you find are the most difficult rule(s) to remember when speaking or writing in English?  (This is for you native speakers of English too, so speak up!)  😉