Friday Fictioneers: anniversary for one

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Anniversary for One

Today would have been their 60th anniversary if Charles had lived.  To celebrate Jessica packed a special dinner and took the keys to her daughters car.  She knew Sharon had made plans, but she wanted to be alone with her memories.

She found the place easily enough, though she was shocked to see that the roof was long gone.  Here is where they’d made love for the first time, and then, Charles had proposed.

Climbing the stairs she laid out a blanket for her meal and adjusted her pillow.  Alone she ate, watching the sunset and waiting for high tide.


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WORDS:  100


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Searching  the streets looking for just the right one, surveying his trophies, musing, “How easy it used to be.”  She walked the gutter, her back to him, thumb out.  He pulled alongside.  Before he could ask she slid over the car door and into the seat in a fluid movement.

Smiling, joking, laughter, he shy, she bold.   They drove on for a while, neither cared where they might end up; each knew their destination would be secluded.

Noticing his photographs she quipped, “Old girl friends?”

He replied, “You might say that.”

Smiling,  they  thought, “This’s gonna’ be easy.”


NOTE:  This was a walk on the wild side for me.  I took one look at the photo and there I was.

Are you shocked?

I was!