First Fruits


Within you see what pleases me.

You’ve no doubt seen the Horn of Plenty?  Well, this is the Colander of a little.  So OK its not much to look at now, but this is the beginning of our summer harvest.  BTW, I did not go out empty handed during the lull in the rain.  I took my camera.  I consider photography the perfect way to waste two hours!  Here, in no particular order, is some of what I saw today…


Volunteers from the bird feeders


A summer view of the front of our home.


The love of  little Tuckers life?  Summed up in three words:


By the way, did you ever meet one of those kids who just has to be in the picture every time no matter what?  Well that’s Tucker all over… I post this one from last month at the special request of Pam who said:  “You’ve GOT to post that on your blog!”  So here he is in all his glory…




This is Grayson.

I love this guy.  Even his feet are gray.  And his eyes, they are so deep and dark , whereas the other chickens eyes are reptilian.  He went through a lot of adversity as a young chick and lived to become this beautiful rooster.  Without the gory details, he was attacked by the other chickens, got stitches (I gave them to him), and healed up well enough in only one week for me to set him loose in the yard again.  Amazing!


The Legacy

In my well house there must be at least a hundred or more old mason jars left over from Old Lady Gaines.  Also found in here were old ledgers from the 5o’s from Mr. Gaines’ cabinetry business, my new to me “Maid of Honor”  Pressure canner (which I happily refurbished), and more spiders than you can even imagine.  I did a bit of housekeeping on Monday to try and make it less appealing to the spiders, but I doubt it really  made a difference to them.  Shudder… slowly, bit by bit, I have been bringing the jars in for cleaning and sanitizing so that I can use them.  Any I don’t use now will be stored clean in my old plastic teaching bins and not in the well house. We have Brown Recluse here!

4 thoughts on “First Fruits

  1. Sara George says:

    These were wonderful. The one of the dog and cat is priceless. What sort of camera are you using? I know that I could have one just like yours and not get the same pictures. You have a gift!! Open it up and use it!!

  2. pixilated2 says:

    First, let me thank you for your compliment! The one with Tucker and Claus was serendipitous. The camera was set on ‘auto’ and he jumped in before the shutter snaped. As for the camera, I use an Olympus E410, and I can assure you that for every 100+ photos I take I might get one that is usable. I take a lot of trash, and I am so glad that digital cards are reusable! In the past I spent a fortune on film and developing.

    Oh, and I’ve had the camera for about… three years? (I don’t honestly remember) But, I can tell you that I am still learning about all the tricks that she can do!

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