Good Morning from the Farmlet!

Goooood Morning!

It’s Chicken-thirty and Grayson wanted you to know it was 19 degrees at 7:30.



So what’s the weather doing where you are?

10 thoughts on “Good Morning from the Farmlet!

  1. missusk76 says:

    I LOVE this picture! So much character and so beautifully photographed! I wish it were chicken-thirty here. The sunshine is so lovely. It is unusually mild though – only about -4°C, which if I’ve converted correctly is 25°F – so warmer than there!? Must be warm air aloft! Chilly wind though and overcast sky.

  2. Joanie Schneider says:

    Cloudy, snow flurries. Fed my chickens hot mash as it was about 17 degrees this cold Michigan morning.

  3. pixilated2 says:

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement! Oh, and Grayson, ever the showoff, took a bow when I told him of all your accolades! He’s such a character! ;D

  4. lauren scheuer says:

    Lynda — gorgeous roo. Gorgeous light.
    We’ve still got 30 inches on the ground in Upton, MA, and we’re expecting another foot of snow tomorrow night… It’s beautiful, but it’s getting old.
    That’s why my next blogpost is going to be a SUMMERY one!

  5. pixilated2 says:

    Thanks Lauren! He is my favorite. We have had quite a few roosters pass through the Farmlet, but none so kind to their owner as he has been, or such a fierce defender of the flock. (I too wear a few scars on my hands and forearms from the last few roosters we’ve owned.) As for the snow, yes it is beautiful, but I am simply not used to it and it got old for me really fast.

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