the twins

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The Twins alteredPhoto CreditMarianne Whooley at Maris World

The Twins

a play in one act

Act I:  Scene I


The twins were rotten.  What one didn’t think of the other one did.   Of late their favorite activity was pulling pranks on little kids in the neighborhood.

Today, however,  they were investigating  a  rumor they’d heard, about some mystery beast out by the pond.  Several people claimed that it was eating small animals about town, and peeking into windows at night, and that they absolutely wanted to see!

Standing silently they survey the water.

TWIN I:     What’s that?

TWIN II:   Nuthin’ scardy cat!

TWIN I:     Something touched my leg!

TWIN II:   Yeah, right.

(A twig snaps…)

THE TWINS:  Screaming in unison (they run offstage)

(A young child snickers nearby.)



(The 100 words are in color) 

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