Scrap Happy for September 15th

When I can, I enjoy participating in Scrap Happy which is sponsored via Kate and Gun. There are a few of us who like to use it all up and not make waste with our scraps. I am not certain this counts, or should I say should be counted twice (in two categories) but it is made entirely of scraps.

I have participated in the Ovarian Cancer quilt through my friend Kate in Australia and have several teal fabric scraps left from the process.  I volunteered for two blocks in the quilt this year entitled: “Go Teal it on the Mountain”. You will have to wait for the other one to post after I put them into the mail. 😉

Specimen One follows…

There is a bit of back story on this design. It was inspired by a Tattoo I spotted on a young woman’s arm. I did a Google search for “Delectable Mountain quilt block pattern” and voila!  Her arm popped up in the findings.  Generally speaking, I am not interested in tattoos, but this one is so different it caught my eye and was the inspiration for my quilt block.

This tattoo brought to you by *Tattoo People G.No

To test the design I wanted to use for couching onto the surface I used a bit of clear cellophane gift wrapping medium to lay over the quilt block and then traced out my pattern.

You will note the finished couched design was not exactly like the trial version I had mapped out. I decided I didn’t want to have so many starts and stops to weave back into the stitching on the back of the block.  I think two back woven ends are better than five.

Please do visit these other lovely scrap users to see what they’ve created this month

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Joanne, Jon, Hayley and Dawn

A last note:  As mentioned above, I am not a tattoo person, but…  were I ever to consider it G. No at Tattoo People would be my artist.  And artist is a true description of the person behind this work!   Florals and birds in colors that are amazing are the signature of her watercolor skin art.  Following the link under the sample tattoo (above) will allow you to see some of some or her previous beauties.

20 thoughts on “Scrap Happy for September 15th

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Lynn! I actually don’t know her. Here’s what happened: I did a Google search for the “Delectable Mountain quilt block pattern” and her arm popped up in the findings. I went back to find the link to her tattoo and she didn’t pop up again. Weird, but true.

  1. katechiconi says:

    I do love this block! One of the clever things about it is that the fabric you’ve used for the background reminds me strongly of a thick forest of fir trees, with the mountains rising out of them. Simple, but gorgeous!

    • Lynda says:

      Kate, I’m glad you like it. I always stress over if it is good enough for the lovely quilts you assemble for this cause. I never saw the fir trees till you mentioned them, but there they are!

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Linda. It was the only tattoo that perked up when I searched for the old fashioned quilt block. I found it striking as soon as I saw it. It is geometric in design, but softened by the lovely blue and teal cloud shapes underneath. Very clever I thought.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    I like your source of inspiration. I am not a tattoo person either, but I must say there are some interesting designs out there, and I am curious to discover the personal connection for that individual. You are so creative, Lynda. I love this piece and the colors.

  3. Lynda says:

    Thank you, Lori. I too would like to know her connection to the design. I am certain that most anyone who gets a tattoo must have some affinity with the design they have chosen to wear for life. funnily enough, my original search did not bring this image back up! I had to use “Google Image Search” to find her picture again. It led back to a tattoo artists website (link above) and no information on the subject. I hope the artist is flattered and not peeved at my interpretation of their design.

    • Lynda says:

      You know, Joanne, I thought your word was correctly spelled. However, when I went to look it up those on the internet agree emphatically that it is not a word. I’m stumped. I think it makes sense in the way your have used it in your sentence. However, the “authorities” would have us end the word at minimalist. Hm… this changes everything and would have you re configuring the sentence till dawn. I am going to accept your spelling (I like it) and thank you for your compliment! ❤

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