Shadow Play

Yesterday while waiting for the plumber to arrive, he was supposed to be there by 8:30 or 9:00 (!!!)  I went out to play with the camera and tripod and try my luck at photography with ambient light.

So they aren’t the most amazing composition, but I was trying for light, shadow, and clarity in the shots.  If you happen to be entertained (even a little bit) well then, that is great!

The first three are to show you where the photos were taken.

Lots more where that came from too, but I have to get rid of most of it because it really has no purpose anymore.  Perhaps I will think of something fun to do with some of the old hardware and such, we’ll see.

Oh yes, and the shacks will be renovated and/or removed when we get moved up there.  😉

Random synapses firing

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Over the weekend we had sunshine with a bit of rain, and I made the discovery that I am allergic to something in Pace Picante Sauce.  My face broke out into little bumps all around my mouth and itched until 2:00 AM.  (It stopped at 2:00 because I got up and took a Benadryl.  😯  )

On Saturday we visited Tuscumbia and here is some of what we saw…

Tuscumbia is a quaint and lovely town, but I think they roll up the sidewalks too early on Saturdays.  By 4:00 PM nearly everything was CLOSED, and on Sunday everything IS closed!


It is 7:00 AM and I have to get ready for the dentist, call the vet to inquire about Tucker’s medicine, and try to get some packing and sorting done.

How was your weekend?