It is Official: we made them an offer they couldn’t refuse



Can you feel my excitement?

Soon the antiquated barn with ‘good bones‘ will be fixed and those horse shoes on the wall will be the first and easiest thing done…


I will have to nail them all facing up so all the good luck doesn’t run out.  😉


And I simply must make friends with the pygmy pony too.  I think I will grow  carrots just for him!

A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protect...

A horseshoe on a door is regarded as a protective talisman in some cultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next steps taken

We have applied for the loan, paid for the appraisal of our home, made an offer on the  Appalachian hills Farmlet, are waiting for the appraiser to call and schedule, and I am not sleeping!

I can’t stand the suspense and I am well and truly worn out.  I have tried all my best tricks to get to sleep, but it is not working.

My best sleeping tricks:

  1. Turn on Debussy low when going to bed.  (normally this works)
  2. When number one does not work then get up and drink camomile tea while reading the *LOTR.  Usually this always works!

Not this time.

“Dear three AM, we have got to stop meeting this way.  I would much rather sleep with you.”  ~ anonymous ~

What works for you when you can’t sleep at night?


*LOTR:  The Lord of the Rings

Hoo-Boy with pictures: think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts…

Today we went to look at a little place in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.  It is small, but just right for the critters of the Farmlet because it is just over two acres which is way more than they have now!   The house that sits on the land is just right for a couple thinking of retirement.  It is cozy, has a spare room for visitors, a basement and a screened back porch for enjoying the day, or evening, without being eaten by mosquitoes.

If you came for a visit…


(click the first photograph to open the carousel)

So now we pray, and wait to see if God says yes!