If you need me I’ll be in the dispensary…

Over a two-day period I watched my two new baby goslings become a bit less exuberant, less talkative, eat less and drink more.  By mid morning on the second day they were sleeping by their water bowl and dipping their heads over the edge to drink.

So I sat there being concerned, watching and listening, as any good goose mother would, and that’s when I heard it!

“snick”  breathe in, “snick”  breathe out.

Not wanting to believe what I was hearing I ran to the kitchen and turned off the dishwasher.  The house was now silent.  I tiptoed back to the babies sat down and really listened.

“snick”  breathe in, “snick”  breathe out…

and with the horror that any mother might feel the first time her baby gets sick, I ran to look up goose disease and treatment.  I read for an hour and could not make sense of it.  Too many diseases, too many similar symptoms and most requiring different medications and procedure.  So I called the vet.

The only avian vet in North Alabama who will treat farm birds is 47 miles away, and it would take me an hour to get there.  I called and they made me an appointment for 4:00 PM.

The Dr. examined them, did labs, and came back with the verdict:  Streptococcus (bacterial infection) and a severe yeast infection.  The yeast was from airborne moisture in their food causing it to spoil (the new bag is now being stored in the house to keep it dry).  We are uncertain as to exactly where they came into contact with the Strep.  So until they are well and their immune system is stronger they are strictly INSIDE.

So, now my day is filled with twice as many “Diaper changes”

And resultant laundry which must be hung outside to dry because my @#!%& dryer broke this week (more on that later)

So, I am dispensing two meds to the babies via an oral syringe, two times per day, one of which must be crushed and mixed with 5 ml of water.  Putting an oral syringe down a goose’s throat is an adventure.  Doing this, essentially, eight times a day is torture.  For all of us!  

 My guest bathroom has now been turned into

a dispensary for the next 10 days.

Cost for the vet?


I do it all for these little fellas…

And I hope they,

and I,

survive the ordeal.


Thank you all in advance for your prayers and well wishes for their recovery.  It means a lot to me.