An Anniversary?

I didn’t intend to write today, but was surprised to find out just a moment ago that I have been blogging here on WordPress for four years.

Until I moved from Southern California, a distance of about 2,700 miles from home, I had never felt the need to blog.   However, when you are this far from family and friends, well, there is suddenly a lot to share.  And what better way, than to blog with pictures for punctuation and emphasis!

I think of my blog as an open diary…  and sometimes, when I go back and reread old posts, I am amazed by how much I have learned and grown here on the Farmlet.  I have gained new friends here as well.  You’ve arrived on my little bit of blog from all over the world,  and you have all had a part in helping me to survive the occasional loneliness,  distance, and the learning curve of country life.

Thank you.

Here’s to continued learning, growth, and sharing with old friends and new!



A Milestone: 200 lovely people

This morning I find that I have reached a blogging milestone…


It makes me smile to think that I can barely get out my door lately and yet I have 200 lovely people coming to my blog to read about what entertains me on any given day.

I do try very hard to make it fun, interesting, informative, and picturesque, though perhaps not all in the same post. 😉

So to all of you lovely followers, I say

Thank you!

I’m off to celebrate now!

(Kindly click the photograph to Russ On Line for photo credit.)