Today’s post is lackluster, but I just need to get it out and haven’t the energy to go beyond the facts of the matter.  

Bob had been complaining about how tired he was all the time.  It has been going on for about a year now.  He finally mentioned it to the doctor and told her about is sleep apnea.

The Dr. sent him in for a chest ex ray which was unrevealing.  She sent him to a pulmonologist and after testing found that his is suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.  He was told his lungs are only working at 50%.  He is now taking three new drugs one of which costs $300.00.  He’d been given a coupon from the specialist but forgot to turn it in, so I went back to the pharmacy and they looked into it for us.  Glad I took the time to do this too, because he got the drug free of charge!

Apparently, there is no cure for COPD and it gets progressively worse over time.    So far the medicines are making him cough more, but not really helping him feel better.

Tonight his is having a sleep study done for the sleep apnea.

I have no words for how I am feeling at the moment.  Overwhelmed and sad don’t really seem to cover it.

Here are the facts on COPD

For more information on COPD click HERE


Now I’ll go back to my jigsaw puzzles till dawn.

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