No obvious signs of the Christmas spirit

It’s just the two of us here, Bob and me.  Christmas is neither bought nor made, decorations are nil due to mass reconstruction on my craft room, whose contents BTW, have currently taken over the living room.  No tree, no trimmings here…  Oh wait, does the wreath on the door count?

The project was supposed to be easy-peasy:  Paint, hang shelves, pull up the old carpet and lay out new vinyl floor.  (insert sound of car crash here)

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to repairs in this house.

It was supposed to be easy, oh wait, I think I am repeating myself.  But it was supposed to be easy…

You know, like roll back the carpet, vacuum the floor and roll out the new vinyl.


There was the carpet and pad, the old vinyl floor, the old 8 inch glued down tiles, and then it was the 4 by 8 ft piece of 3/4 inch rotten, smelly plywood that had to be lifted and replaced first.

My 13.5  X 9.25 future quilting/sewing space.  The pictures on the wall are photos of how I want my space to look…  I’ve a long way to go and they help keep me motivated.

It is all supposed to be done and moved back before Dec. 25th so I CAN decorate.   We’ll see!  In the meantime, I have my Christmas music to keep me motivated and in the spirit of the season.  I want this project DONE.  😉


Oh yeah, and  did I forget to mention the six holes I punched into the wall with a wonder-bar when I took out these?

A pair of sorta cute, but totally non practical corner shelves.


NOTE:   After  our best friends left to go back to California, I had given myself a week to enjoy our clean and tidy living space, then it was back to work!  I have made much progress since the picture above.  I hope to be posting completion pictures by this Friday, or Monday!  STAY TUNED!  😉

15 thoughts on “No obvious signs of the Christmas spirit

  1. Anke says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished room! I’m dreaming of one day having my own craft room, but it’ll be a few years before that’ll happen. Those corner shelves are so pretty, I hope you’re able to find another space for them.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Anke, I commented to you, and then later it is gone. Must have forgotten to hit the reply button, Sorry! Anyway, there was nowhere else to put them so I sold them on Craig’s list to a lady in Athens who loves them! The money helps defray my cost, and she got something, quote: “I have been looking for, for a very long time!” Win/Win I say!

  2. ceciliag says:

    I am going to make you really MAD when I tell you that when I pulled up the hideous carpet in this house I found a hard wood floor, ow .. ow, no hitting!!
    The plus side is that i do not have a tree yet, as it is not my department!! My department is shoveling all the proverbial out of the stalls in the barn!! c

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hahahaha! Cecilia now it’s your turn… Our house came with hardwood floors not covered in carpet! The previous owners did all that hard work for us. 😉 However, the nursery which we converted into a tiled mudroom (and added a door to the outside), our master bedroom, and the office now becoming my Quilt room, were not hardwood. I understand the Master BR because it was a new addition, but I haven’t a clue as to why the other two rooms were not hardwood. Well, maybe now that I think about it, I do. In a previous life they were the kitchen and the dinning room! Our home has been through A LOT of changes over it’s 50 years in existence.
      As for shoveling ‘proverbial,’ well, strangely my husband leaves that job to me too!
      Quote: “You wanted them and now they are your responsibility.”
      Though I must say, when it counts he is right there to help me when I really need it, or I’m sick, as I am sure your sweety is too. 🙂

  3. Ginger says:

    First of all the wreath on your front door… It *totally* counts, that’s further than I’ve gotten! Secondly, are projects ever easy? Really? Why we insist on believing they ever will run smoothly is beyond me… Keep in mind your end result! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve hung your inspiration photos up in the room, it’s sure to be a motivator, especially on the days when all you really feel like doing is laying on the floor and staring up at the ceiling, praying that when you refocus on the room it will be done..
    I’ve missed you and love this project 🙂

    • pixilated2 says:

      Can I mail you some pom-poms? Seriously, thank you for cheering me on today. I just came in from the garage ready for tears or an all out hissy-fit (perhaps both?) because I am facing a failure on another project I am trying to finish (it involves a bathroom mirror) and here are your kind words. I’ve been missing you too, and seem to have misplaced your email as well. Perhaps you will send it to me again? 😀

      • Ginger says:

        I am glad I cheered you up! will be your cheerleader any day 🙂 Failure is when there is no resolution, I am sure you just hit a speed bump 😉 I am so glad to report I am officially back in the blogosphere!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Aww, sorry Anita, but they really were too big to mail all the way to you. Start trolling Craig’s list. Mine weren’t the only ones out there so I’m sure there are some in your area too. Also, try posting a “wanted” add. I always get at least one response when I do. 🙂

  4. pattisj says:

    Yes, the wreath on the door counts! That’s as far as I’ve gotten, unless you count the naked 4′ tree staring at me. Your project sounds all too familiar, the age of the house is about the same as ours. I peeled mushroom wallpaper off the kitchen walls to find 8″ floor tiles underneath, ripped those off…We’ve redone most every room in this house for one reason or other (usually there was an underlying cause), and we still don’t have it all back together. One project will be rolling along nicely, then something major breaks. I have learned to be content…(as in it doesn’t drive me nuts) Maybe I arrived? lol

    • pixilated2 says:

      Ugh… so we’re not the only ones. We’ve only been here three years and so far we have completely replaced the plumbing under the house, replaced the water heater, just last week we had to have the water line into the house replaced (it was the third time it had sprung a leak), and we have patched cracks in the walls and out and out filled in large holes in the walls too, repainted and more. It’s those things you don’t see when you walk through that will get you every time. Oh the pride of home ownership. They will be a great homes when *we get done with it all, eh? ~ L

      (*we = you and me)

  5. Pam Nunn says:

    Hahaha! Okay, I have so many comments to make.

    1) WOW, I saw the Quilt Room in the Before phase…. I can only imagine how high you have it piled up in the living room! But it will be so nice and organized once you move back into the newly remodeled Quilt Room. Can’t wait for the After phase!

    2) Your house is 50 years old?! I had no idea! It truly looks/feels much more modern than that. I love it. (Especially “my” room!) (Which I will gladly let Pati stay in when she visits.)

    3) When I hear “shoveling the proverbial out of the stalls in the barn” that means only one thing to me…. horses! Ha ha ha…. how many times have I heard your DH mutter “You wanted them, now they’re your responsibility.” (Answer: Many times.)

    And finally…

    4) It does my heart (and mind) good to hear all these astounding women boldly admit they have NOT (yet) decorated their homes for Christmas. YAY, US!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Replies to comments:
      1. It is pretty high and swallowing every flat surface (e.g. couch, chairs, coffee table, etc.)
      2. YOUR room? So glad you feel that way about it, and it will always be open for you… Excepting and of course when Pati is using it! 😉
      3. Been living with that phrase for three years. But, when I am not feeling well, or we have had a very busy day, or other unusual event(s) he steps up without being asked.
      4. You know, this year is like that for more of us than you can imagine. Weird, and kinda sad, don’t you think? Yet it is a relief to know we’re not the only ones! So, in the words of Tiny Tim,

      “God bless us every one.”

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you! I am looking forward to done, because over the past year I have systematically gone from room to room doing a complete ceiling to floor overhaul. I’m tired. I want to be done.

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