Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Today’s prompt from The Daily Post, asks me to write a letter to my mother telling her something I’ve always wanted to say, but wasn’t able to.


Dear Mom,

My best memories of our time together are from when I was little.  You seemed so happy and carefree  then.  Little vignettes from those early days will come to me now and again, and I wish that I could tell you how much I loved our shared time together. 

If you were here now I would tell you I loved you for making me finger puppets.  I remember sitting in the little kitchen, watching in wonder as you penciled lovely ladies on cardboard.  When finished, you would carefully cut them out, adding finger holes for the legs.  Then placing the beauties on our hands they would come to life as we sang and danced them about the surface of the table.

I loved sitting next to you as you *read  the Sunday funnies to me.  That time together  fostered my life long love of reading, and remains a valuable and cherished gift.

I remember your anger at Christmas, when you gave me money to buy presents for the boys,  and I spent it on a Barbie for me.  You never forgave me in words, but the detail put into the wardrobe you created for that ill gained doll spoke volumes.  How many nights did you stay up late to create an azure silk gown with a real mink stole, and the other delights to adorn my doll?  Your forgiveness was surely evident in the many hand sewn details you added to each outfit. 

Each memory of  your sharing, of your creative ways with me,  echos…”I loved you.”   Did you know how much it meant to me then,  what it means to me as an adult?  Did I ever say how much I cared? 

I wish I could tell you now.



*It would be many years later that I would discover that my mother was illiterate.  It was a poignant surprise, which I have shared HERE


Trying something new

Today I am making a choice to challenge myself as a writer.  I know, I write to you here on my blog, but I need to stretch my abilities, to gain some skill in other areas of conveying thought.  To that end, I have decided to join up with thousands of others,  HERE  at The Daily Post.

It is not my intention to write every day, but through the week I may choose one or two prompts to stretch my brain and foster my creativity.   How ironic then, that in choosing today to begin, the prompt should be one of a personal nature?  Well, it is said to write about what you know, and so I begin.

Audience of One:  Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.


Dear Aaron,

You often told me of this lovely place and asked me to come visit you here.  Your descriptions of the countryside, and the joy in your voice told me it was special, yet I delayed my interest in visiting.  I was afraid to let go of home.  Afraid of going somewhere new.  So I stayed.

Why did I wait till your memorial to come and see you?  Only then to discover what a beautiful place this is…  after you were gone?  How many times did Bob tell me that he wanted to leave California, to get out and live somewhere less hectic, more rural, and I dug in my heals.  Resisted.  Shut my heart to the thought.

I finally made it here little brother, and you were right all along.  It is a beautiful place to live.  My only regret is that you are not here to enjoy it with me.   I write about it often here on my pages.  I share the loveliness with others, and only wish that you could read it, that I might share it with you too.

I miss you little brother,