A Benefit of Sleeping In

It isn’t every day that I get to sleep in, but this morning as Bob left for work an hour earlier than usual he offered to reset the alarm for me.

I took that offer!

Still foggy headed I let the dogs out, made coffee, let the dogs back in and fed them.  I then proceeded to wander over to the big picture window in the living room to have my first view of the day.  Sunny, too cold, the bird bath’s contents a solid block of ice.

A dear leaps into my view and races across the yard.  I’m awake now!  Another leaps by and as my jaw drops,  yet another follows close on her tail!

I think it took me a full minute to realize I was standing there with my mouth open and silly wide-eyed expression still pasted across my face.  What an awesome way to start the day!


I hope your day is pleasant and has at least one surprise in store for you too.


A deadly encounter

It is 6:27 in the morning and I just got a call from Bob on his way to work.  This is very unusual.  He was very upset; I could hear it in his voice.

He said he was traveling through a local wooded area and saw two deer on the side of the road.  At the very last possible moment one of them bolted.

He just walked through the door.  He is OK, but his spirit is damaged.

I am sad for both of them.


Dimples must be related to a TIMEX.  She takes a licken’ and keeps on ticken’.

Over the past five years:

  1. Rear end collision (not at fault (NAF)
  2. Rear end collision – second in one week! (NAF)
  3. Golf ball and Tangerine sized hail damage!!!  (Car is named Dimples after that.)
  4. Hit a telephone pole hydroplaning at Dead Man’s Curve!
  5. Hit a deer.  😦

Sunday Shorts: a silent celebration


A Silent Celebration


On New Year’s eve, as midnight struck, I chanced to look out my window.   There in the pale moonlight I saw something moving in the meadow.   Stealthily I opened the door to see if I could get a better look.  Making my way across the lawn I stopped silently watching.  It was a deer!  From the woods another came, and then another, and still another.  I watched for some time as they grazed with ears pricked and muscles tensed.  After a bit they seemed to relax there in the moon’s glow.  While I, having become too cold, stole back inside and to bed.


Please note that the above piece is fiction.  😉

It was written for the 1oo WCFGU  ~  The prompt:  “as midnight struck”

The vignette came about because my neighbor across the street is a bow hunter and  has a big plastic deer target (looks like a statue) on his property. Once on a moonlit night I saw it there, and mused about how real it looked.    When this prompt came up I remembered how real it looked on his lawn in the moonlight and ran with it.    I am flattered that so many of you thought the incident was real.  Thank you!