Friday Fictioneers

Again I have been away for a while… still healing, but much improved!  The following is my exactly 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.  And please, don’t count the title!  😉


Your Order Has Been Delivered

Having wanted a few goats for some time I finally bit the bullet and did my research. I first considered, Pygmies, because they are so adorable, but they’re just too cute to think of as a meal. Then I thought about Fainting goats as they are easy to contain behind a fence. Again I hesitated; I didn’t enjoy thinking of them fainting and becoming pray to coyotes. Eventually, I ordered Boer Goats. Heftier, and perhaps better suited to protecting themselves with help from the Mini Donkeys. They would work for our needs! I ordered 15.

Dang that sticky zero key.

goats-and-carCopywrite – Sandra Cook

Many thanks to Rochelle Wysoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple for her prompts and support, and to Sandra Cook for her fun sheep photo.  Yes, they are really sheep.  I took some license with the subject to fit my interest.  🙂

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