The Blue Plate Special

After several seasons of fighting legions of weeds in this humid climate I have finally come to my senses and begun installing raised beds!  Trying to grow food in this weed infested place is insanity without using RoundUp.

And you know how I feel about Monsanto.

So the logical and more safe solution for us is raised beds.  Bob has been helping me in the garden every Sunday for weeks now.  He has rototilled, and scorched baby weeds with the Red Dragon.

(this is not Bob) 😉

Please click the photo above to be taken directly to the Red Dragon site. 

This is NOT a paid endorsement!  We have had our RD weed burner for many years and just love how well it works.   Unfortunately, we can’t use it in and amongst the veggies…  Hence the new garden plan.

So, here is the layout.

Notations in blue show changes and planned additions.  We have the center and right side construction completed and half planted.  NOTE:  The rotation plan I am utilizing is to help with insect and disease control.  You can see the plan HERE

Want more?  Here is the Garden Organic website:

There is still so much more to be done here.  I have to add more soil, and lay down the wood mulch around the beds. 

The strawberries have been moved and replanted, and the asparagus arrives with the new orchard trees next month!


Hello beautiful!


What plans do you have for your garden(s)?  What strategies do you use to help you with chores and upkeep?



We have been betrayed part two: a death blow to organic farmers

Some of my readers may have known that in New York a trial was held to uphold the rights of organic farmers to grow their crops without the fear of being sued for patent infringement by Monsanto.

We lost.

What do I mean by we?  I mean we in the sense that Monsanto can now freely grow their crops and the bees and the wind can bring the pollen in to contaminate your organic produce.

Further, Judge Buchwald, in her ruling said that the corporate thugs at Monsanto have given us their “promise” not to bring litigation and “that should be a source of comfort.”

A source of comfort for who?  Certainly not we as consumers!  I do not relish the thought of eating hidden GMOs.  If whole countries in other parts of the world can ban GMOs why aren’t we?

I want clean food, and at the very minimum I want proper labeling.  I want the choice when I shop with my food dollars of knowing that my food does not contain GMOs.

Now, thanks to a judge in New York and the USDA I get neither.


Please read the source article regarding the trial and it’s outcome here: The Chicago Tribune

Should you like to voice your opinion of her decision… Judge Buchwald can be found hereUnited States District Court – Southern District of New York

The case against Monsanto, and Judge Buchwald’s judgement, can be read here: Case 1:11-cv-02163-NRB Document 53 Filed 02/24/12


NOTE:  In my last post about this I complained that I felt like a “Gnat screaming in a wind tunnel.”  Well, as a good friend pointed out, many gnats can be a force to be reckoned with.  Use the links above to get informed and to contact those who are in charge.  Let them know we are not just random and isolated nut-jobs out here.

Spread the word and Let your voices be heard

Thank you!

We have been betrayed…

I don’t get political here. Never have, thought I never would.  But this makes me cry.  I will never shop or knowingly purchase foods affiliated with these companies again.

Et tu?  Whole Foods?  Really?

Please read the article at the Organic Consumers Association‘s site:

So glad I grow my own.

My little bit of earth.

“Please Sir, may I have a little bit of earth?”

Mary,  The secret Garden


PLEASE:  If you have heard anything different since this article was published please enlighten us in the comments! 

Thank you.