We have been betrayed part two: a death blow to organic farmers

Some of my readers may have known that in New York a trial was held to uphold the rights of organic farmers to grow their crops without the fear of being sued for patent infringement by Monsanto.

We lost.

What do I mean by we?  I mean we in the sense that Monsanto can now freely grow their crops and the bees and the wind can bring the pollen in to contaminate your organic produce.

Further, Judge Buchwald, in her ruling said that the corporate thugs at Monsanto have given us their “promise” not to bring litigation and “that should be a source of comfort.”

A source of comfort for who?  Certainly not we as consumers!  I do not relish the thought of eating hidden GMOs.  If whole countries in other parts of the world can ban GMOs why aren’t we?

I want clean food, and at the very minimum I want proper labeling.  I want the choice when I shop with my food dollars of knowing that my food does not contain GMOs.

Now, thanks to a judge in New York and the USDA I get neither.


Please read the source article regarding the trial and it’s outcome here: The Chicago Tribune

Should you like to voice your opinion of her decision… Judge Buchwald can be found hereUnited States District Court – Southern District of New York

The case against Monsanto, and Judge Buchwald’s judgement, can be read here: Case 1:11-cv-02163-NRB Document 53 Filed 02/24/12


NOTE:  In my last post about this I complained that I felt like a “Gnat screaming in a wind tunnel.”  Well, as a good friend pointed out, many gnats can be a force to be reckoned with.  Use the links above to get informed and to contact those who are in charge.  Let them know we are not just random and isolated nut-jobs out here.

Spread the word and Let your voices be heard

Thank you!

19 thoughts on “We have been betrayed part two: a death blow to organic farmers

  1. cravencreativity says:

    This is beyond disturbing and makes me want to pack up and move to a country that has more sense than this 😦 Thanks for sharing, people need to hear this and know what a tremendous disaster this really is…. This makes me so mad and disgusted I can’t hardly see straight…

  2. littlesundog says:

    The USDA has been a ridiculous joke (as has the FDA and many other government agencies) for as long as I can remember. These are agencies who are basically about padding pockets. I am amazed that many of my friends just accept that these government entities are here to protect and guide us. Companies like Monsanto instead, are guiding us and marketing it well. Great post… let’s all keep spreading the word!

  3. sassafrasvalley says:

    yesterday my heart broke.

    1) The USDA does not work FOR the farmer. Only agribusinesses and politicians. Agribusineses are not farmers.

    2) The USDA has helped in the destruction of family farms by creating mono-culture states, producing one or two products and making laws that limit our ability to raise other products that we want to for our customers. This also keeps prices of food artificially low.

    3) The USDA is the arm of the govt that Puppy Mills and breeders are protected by. The puppy mills are totally aware of this and hide in agricultural states like Missouri, largest puppy mill state.

    4) OUR current president chooses who heads the USDA and the FDA. Both directors are heavily invested in Monsanto. Our president chose these people. While his wife publicaly promotes organic and wholesome foods for children and eats foods that you do not have access to.

    The system is broken. Whether you are liberal or conservative…. the system is broken. And those we vote for are not looking out for our interests.

    Do not believe me.

  4. shoreacres says:

    And just remember – a cloud of gnats can be unbearably annoying!

    And if anyone hasn’t noticed, the dynamics here are precisely the dynamics of the administration’s energy policy. Dump taxpayer money into green energy companies that dump money into the pockets of businessmen who pass it back to the government in the form of political contributions, just before getting their bonuses and then declaring bankruptcy.

    The system isn’t just broken. The system is corrupt, and the sad thing is that the system itself tends to corrupt good, upstanding and responsible people who move into it.

    Down here on the Gulf Coast, we’ve got our Monsanto, too. It’s called British Petroleum.

  5. pixilated2 says:

    “The system isn’t just broken. The system is corrupt, and the sad thing is that the system itself tends to corrupt good, upstanding and responsible people who move into it.”
    This is truth and it is a crazy maker.

    I worry about what has already been done and if it isn’t already too late. Yet I hold out hope, and try to make a difference. ~ Just one gnat

    • pixilated2 says:

      Dobro! Drago mi je prevoditelj radio. Žao mi je trebalo toliko dugo da odgovori, ali tvoj komentar išao u mojim spam datoteka. Sada je ispravno postavljen.
      😉 ~ L
      (Good! I am glad the translator worked. I am sorry it took so long to answer, but your comment went into my spam files. It is now properly posted.)

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