Photo Friday: the hawk in the cemetery

On Saturday we visited Maple Hill Cemetery, which is the oldest cemetery in Alabama.   It was begun in 1818 when Leroy Pope sold two acres to the city.  Over the years the “burying-place” was officially named “Maple Hill,” and it has grown to just under one hundred acres in size.  It is a historical and quite beautiful place to visit.

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While driving out of the grounds I chanced to spy this fellow…

gorging himself on his catch of the day…


I thought him very photogenic…


and quite accommodating… 

although he did eventually grow tired of our intrusion on his dining experience, and grabbing his grub, he flew into the trees.


Note:  I am uncertain as to what kind of hawk this is, so I have sent a request for Bob of Texas Tweeties to help me ID him.  I will post his reply here when it comes.   🙂

UPDATE:  Bob believes it to be a Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk.  (See Comments below)  Thanks Bob!  🙂

Signs of the times… Huntsville style

In my two plus years living here in the Huntsville area I have always been, well…   Shall we say amused by some of  the signs I see about town?  I feel the need to spread some fun!  So, without further commentary I would love to see some of the captions you can come up with for the following.  Oh yes, and I will post more from time to time.

Let the fun begin!



~ And finally ~

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