Pictures, news, and more

First the pictures!

I have been working on a project and forgot to ask if it was OK to share it here, but I will tell you this much…

I have been given the rare honor to repair some vintage quilts for a dear friend.  I am applying bindings to both, and replacing some lost stitching and a couple of disintegrated patches on the other!

This one is a basket design, but I haven’t located its name yet!

Basket-quiltThis one needs binding only and will be finished quickly.


A simple Dresden design called Sunflower is below.

Sunflower-patchHowever, this one, in addition to binding needs more extensive work


Such trust in my nouveau abilities has inspired me to work on a project I had long wanted to do, but did not have faith in my abilities to accomplish!  Needless to say, the fabric has been flying fast and furious here in my studio.


And here it is, my log cabin blocks to be made into a table mat.  This will need quilting and binding and will be for sale on my Etsy site.


And now the news…

The Little Dog is out of his trusses and Lederhosen!  His bite is healed and now the fur needs to grow back in.

Free-at-last!We are  ALL  very happy about that!

And me?  Well, I had my MRI on my knee on Wednesday.  Today the Doctor mentioned a torn meniscus, a cyst, and surgery.  I think I will be putting this off for a few weeks so I can make preparations here.  I will be packing, sorting and prepping for another yard sale, the grand opening of my Etsy shop (yes, really this time) and… reducing my livestock.  Which, by the way, does not include my GEESE!

These were all practical considerations in our preparation to *move, I am just deciding to take care of them NOW instead of later.  It will make my life and healing more copacetic and also mean that I won’t have to pile one more thing onto Bob’s already busy daily routine.


*Move?  Did I actually mention moving?  Well, yes I did…  but it will still be a while.  You think the summer’s end is a good goal to shoot for?  Yes?

Well, so do we, but we’ll see about that!

44 thoughts on “Pictures, news, and more

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Tom, I won’t. I am feeling a bit of trepidation, but I know it will be for the best and then I can start feeling much better! That Log Cabin was a BLAST to make and went together easy after I took apart my false starts on the first block… four times! 😉

  1. katechiconi says:

    Good news about Little Dog. Bad news about the knee, but don’t delay too long. My brother has just had a hip replacement and cannot understand why he left it so long. He’s out of pain for the first time in YEARS.

    • Lynda says:

      I know, Kate, I know, but I just want to not be tripping over packing boxes, and I don’t want Bob to have to deal with too many of my chores while I am laid up. 😉

      And that Little dog is such a champ! I’m so glad he is feeling better. 😀

  2. Vicki says:

    Yes, Good Luck with the knee surgery, Lynda. I guess you will be on crutches for a while after that.

    I just love your log cabin quilt colours & design. It could have been designed with me in mind.

    Shame I haven’t got the spare money to buy it.

    Have it all ready so you can sit and do the hand work after your surgery.

    I started a Blackwork tapestry sampler after one of my surgeries. I only worked on it after each subsequent surgery over a period of 3 years and finally put my name and date of 1996 on it. Framed and hangs on my wall. Can’t believe it took me 3 years to do! (Blackwork originated around the 17thC I think, in France). Back in those days I was a very fast needlewoman seriously!

    • Lynda says:

      Oooh! Picture please!

      Thank you, Vicky. I am only holding off for a couple of weeks, because I want to be prepared for after the surgery. I want things cleaned up and out of the way for my sake and Bob’s. 😀

  3. LB says:

    Wow, there’s alot going on in this post!
    You are repairing precious quilts (good for you), you are making quilts (I LOVE the black, white, grey, and colors), Little Dog is healing, you’re setting up the Etsy shop, AND you are moving! Oh … and the kneww.
    So glad that things are mostly well! Right when I’m getting ready to check on you, you post!

    • LB says:

      Gosh, Lynda, I shouldn’t type on my phone! I meant to add that I love the red color along with the black, white, and gray, and also, instead of KNEWW, I mean KNEE!

    • Lynda says:

      -The Etsy shop was supposed to get going two years ago, but I lacked the confidence to actually post my wares.
      -The quilt was serendipitous. I was cleaning my quilting table to work on my friends quilts and the solid black and red got stacked together… they were screaming log cabin at me for several days… how could I resist?
      -As for the moving, this too has been simmering for a long time. We bought the place a year ago, and have been patching and restoring it ever since. When we move in it will only be a third done, but we will at least have a working laundry and kitchen by then. We already have a bedroom and bath off the back so we are good!
      -AH! The knee was the monkey wrench in the works! 😐 Not happy about that, you know. SO…

      I know I am posting irregularly, but I can’t say my life is regular at the moment, now can I? However, I am glad to know that someone out there cares enough to come looking for me when I am under water and blowing bubbles. 🙂 Thank you, Laurie.

  4. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    wow! your dance card is very full, and full of so many positive things – even your plans to reverse some joint problems so you can sail over hurdles in the future!!!! it’s great to see little dog’s photo and know that he’s better as well!

    i hope that springtime brings you lots of beautiful flowers and lots of smiles!


    • Lynda says:

      Lisa, yes, the dance card is full; isn’t it? Story of my (adult) life I think. 😉 The Little dog is acting like his old self, even though he can’t see, and this is nothing short of amazing! He just makes me smile when he wriggles and squirms about like a pup again! Spring? It seems quite slow to arrive this year. This time last year everything was in bloom on the mountain. This year, only the daffodils and crocus have kept track of the time. And oh my are there a lot of them! 😀

  5. trkingmomoe says:

    The first quilt is a Flower Basket. This was a popular version of the flower basket from the 1930’s. Pattern was probably from the newspaper. It is still a well loved pattern.

    The second one is sometimes called wind blown daisy. It is also a depression pattern. There are other names for it also.

    I like your log cabin table runner.

    • Lynda says:

      Trkingmomoe, thank you for helping me to pin down these block pattern names. I always like to know the names of the blocks. You are so right about the blocks having other names, many in fact! There are almost as many names as there are quilters. Do you think it comes from the the maker’s desire to mark a design as their own? Perhaps.

      Thank you for your insight, and for following me, as I am really enjoying your blog’s history and tutorials on quilt block design!

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow Lynda! With all of that going on, it’s a wonder you’ve had time to breathe!! (But then again, with fur and fabric flying, perhaps that was for the best; ) so, in no particular order…
    LOVE your Log Cabin: totally gorgeous colours in a classic design!
    Etsy store? “WooHoo” and “Good for you”!: )
    Great that you’ve got a diagnosis and the whole end game laid out – ‘specially that it ties in so well with The Move. But, most of all, that sweet little Tucker is looking so perky and apparatus-free!!
    Many hugs! Deb

  7. shoreacres says:

    Well, now. This is interesting. I had no idea that old quilts could be repaired. Both of the ones I got from my grandmother have some patches that are worn and a bit of stitching that’s come undone. I’m not sure I’d have the work done, since at this point it’s pretty certain the quilts still will outlive me, but it’s good to know that it CAN be done.

    And hooray for Little Dog. That has to be a relief to you, and to him.

    Have you ever followed the photoblogger from Montana called montucky? He had knee surgery a couple of months ago, and is back, now. He still isn’t hiking the mountains, but he’s moving about. And my friends who’ve had knee surgeries of one sort or another all are doing well. It takes time and patience and dedication to rehab, but it’s not the “iffy” kind of surgery it used to be.Technology’s done wonderful things in the medical field, for sure.

    Oh – and I like that clean, contemporary look of the table runner. Very nice.

    • Lynda says:

      Linda, you know I’ve seen that quilt already and I would enjoy working on it for you… 😀

      Yes, the Little guy still looks a bit moth eaten, but he is acting like his old self again! Prancing, tail wagging and a joy to be around.

      Montucky sounds familiar, but I don’t recall from where. As for the knee surgery, it isn’t so much that I am afraid of it, it is that it is going to severely slow me down with all my plans for the Mountain Farmlet. Yeah, I know, like this pain and suffering aren’t throwing a wrench in my program already! 😉

      Log cabin blocks are a pretty old design, but I’m guessing it is the fabric that makes mine contemporary? Glad you like it!

      As for repairing old quilts, it depends on the quilt and the condition of the fabric. Sometimes they are too far gone to be helped. However, if you ever change your mind about yours…

  8. Nanny says:

    Glad you are getting your store ready. Wish I lived closer I would bring you my grandmother’s 1890 quilt that needs some work. Hope the surgery goes well and I’m sure it will. Also glad little dog is doing well.

    • Lynda says:

      Margaret, my friend lives in Oklahoma and mailed her quilts to me. If you are brave enough to mail the quilt, it cost her just under $20 postage for each, and that included insurance and registered mail. I would not consider working on an 1800s quilt without lots of pictures so I knew what I was facing. However, if you would consider repairs by mail order, then I would love to see what is involved. 🙂

  9. cecilia says:

    No, the summers middle.. shoot for the summers middle! How wonderful. Some grim weeks ahead with healing and so forth but if Little Dog can do it!! So can we!

    Marvellous.. c

    • Lynda says:

      Celi, I used to tell my students “If you don’t try, then you won’t.” So I guess it is prudent to try for the summer’s middle, yes? 😉 Thank you for the pep talk! 😀

  10. Littlesundog says:

    Lynda… I was SO delighted to see the quilts on your blog post this morning (I’m days behind on reading). Of course it’s just fine to share about them! I am so happy that you are enjoying the project – that was my biggest worry. I felt like it might be a burden with so much going on! My Grandmother’s and Great-Grandma would be so happy to see them repaired with loving hands. Thank you, Lynda. What a treasure you are.

    Your log cabin project is nothing short of amazing – your knack for putting fabric patterns together is creative and very artistic! I’m so excited about your Etsy store! You are courageous!!

    I’m so happy that Tucker is on the mend and doing well. I also think it’s a banner idea to kick the yard sale into gear and downsize the livestock. What a busy spring and summer for you. I think I understand more than ever… you are amazing to find “enjoyment” in all that you do! I often think of so many projects as tough work and something to tackle and knock out… but you coast along in joy and happiness Lynda. I so admire this in you. What an inspiration you are!

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Lori, I’m glad you don’t mind my sharing! I have to say, this log cabin quilting project was a cinch compared to the log cabin project on the Mountain Farmlet. 😉

      That Little Dog, now there is a *trouper! I am amazed at how he has coped with his maladies over the past year.

      *Trouper vs. Trooper? Now there is a word for you… I was undecided on the spelling of it so I looked it up. Hm. Seems that either would be pretty close in definition of the pup’s ability to face his hardships, but I decided on “OU” spelling for his description. 😀

      Want to know what I am blathering on about? Look here:

      I always find words fascinating reading! 😉

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      What a lovely note! (And, I agree with you completely (she IS a Darling, isn’t she? Spreading sunshine everywhere she goes; even with her Virtual presence (or, should I say Virtual presents?; ))

          • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

            Yeah! So, I’d guess that describes you and me both, hey m’dear?; )
            And, just in case you were wondering “say what?!” as (now that I see it laid out in the comments and it appears totally out of context) I just couldn’t help responding to (and concurring with; ) Lori’s lovely note: )
            You are SUCH an inspiration to SO many!

  11. chatou11 says:

    You are doing so many lovely kiltings Lynda and I see than you are an expert in repairing them.. I love your Loge Cabin blocks and I am happy Tucker goes well now.
    Have a nice week Lynda

    • Lynda says:

      Chantal, I’m so sorry to leave your comments unanswered these past weeks. I have been away from the computer for some time. Thank you for your kind words in Tucker’s regard, and for your encouragement on my quilting skills!

  12. pattisj says:

    So nice to help out with the quilt repairs. Quilts are a work of art, worth saving. Glad to see your dog is doing better and things are coming right along for your move.

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