In [the garden] no one can hear you screem…

Jeez!  Sometimes I really scare myself.  This morning I was out cutting off the spent lavender spikes with my favorite trusty Corona pruning shears… and got my finger in just for good measure… Now I am not one to shout out with OMG lightly, but standing there looking at the damage I’m certain I uttered the popular outcry more than once, and I meant it too!

It was a 1 inch cut, not deep enough for stitches, so the Dr. used some surgical ‘Super Glue’ to put it back together again and now it is as good as new.

Well, sort of.

Weirdly, it never hurt, not once, and on the end of my finger it should have hurt like h…      er,   A LOT!

Well, at least something good came out of it.  I’m off dish duty for the week!

On second thought, maybe I’ll pick up some dishwashing gloves at the market tomorrow…


Photo Credit:  Click on the picture to take you to the origin of today’s borrowed photograph and human interest article from 2009.  🙂