Once Upon a Time in the West: looking for just the right dog.

I found my dog Tucker on the internet.  I took one look at this little guy and knew I just had to have him.

It was the ears I think…

I contacted the seller and found that she lived in the Sacramento area.  I told her that I really wanted her puppy, but that I would have to drive up to get him, and would she hold him till I got there.  This is roughly a 400 mile trip one way! (Yeah, I’m nuts)

We talked a bit more and she asked,  “Where do you live?”

I told her ‘Claremont,’ and she says, “Well, I’m going to be in Claremont in two weeks for a dog show, and  I can bring him with me!”

He was meant to be mine, don’t you think?

Well, waiting was hard, but it was so worth it.  When we met her there at the show she handed him to me.   As I gently hugged him he tucked his little head in the crook of my arm, which is, if you haven’t guessed, how he came to be named Tucker.  He was so tiny, and full of pistons and springs!

He still is

Over time we have learned that Tucker will eat just about anything he can get away with.  Chicken and goose feed, pens, pencils, computer strap-tights, rulers, used tissues (gag) and CHOCOLATE, wrappers and all… Missing something?  You’ll find it, in parts, under our bed!


 We once found him under our bed with this stolen treasure… thankfully we got there before he had committed suicide by chocolate!

Well, the list goes on and let me tell ya, he is always gagging on it.

I recently noticed my little Tucker’s nose is going gray.  Seems like he was a pup just yesterday.  We had been under the delusion for quite some time now that he was only 4 years old…

The other day I asked my husband, “Why is his nose going gray already?  He’s only four?”  Then we sat down, and counting back, we realized he is 7 going on 8!

Where does the time go?