Friday Fictioneers: puff and nonsense

Creative writing in one hundred words is the idea.  Word press says I have 99, Microsoft Word says I have 100.  Don’t care. I’m only in it for the fun!

As always, thanks goes out to Rochelle for her constant procurement and supply of picture prompts to get us going each week!

boatpilxr_-antiquedPHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch


For Friday the 23, 2015

Puff and Nonsense

It was dusk and she needed to get home before dark. She’d been warned about the Trolls that lived under the bridge. It was said that if you didn’t have the toll to pay them that you would be taken to live with them forever.

Nonsense, she told herself. Little kid stuff to send you running to get home on time and to give you nightmares. I’m not a kid anymore, she thought. Running at a quick trot she started to cross the bridge and thought she heard a growl…

Thinking better of it she decided to take the boat.


Words:  100  (I’m going with Microsoft Word on this one.  😉 )

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Notes on Fairy Tales:

Fairy Tales are found in every culture.   They are almost always didactic, cautionary, or seeking to explain something in nature that wasn’t explained before our scientific minds sought to solve it.

For a child it is easy to believe, and for some of us it is hard to give up the make-believe of our youth.  I jumped into bed every night after turning off the light until I was well into my teens.  Laugh if you will, but who here still believes in ghosts, the chupacabras, or aliens? 

I am taking liberties with Georgia Koch’s photo to show you how I came to my story today.


Do you see them?  There are two hiding under the bridge. The one in the middle of this crop is seated in the shadows.  The larger of the two, just left of center, is standing up.

FYI, The ability to see these images is called Pareidolia, and almost all of us have this ability.  OK, some of us are better at it than others, so don’t feel bad if you can’t see those trolls.  You can read a bit about Pareidolia: HERE


Thank you Georgia for sharing your lovely photo art with us!


And for those who may not know the original Norwegian Folktale about a Troll under the bridge you can read it: HERE