Sometimes a good deed does not get punished

I used to give blood in California, not regularly mind you, but from time to time.  Since our move I haven’t.  Not once.  That makes it well over 10 years.

A few weeks back we were walking into Walmart and the Huntsville Bloodmobile was parked right near the entrance.  I heard everyone saying “No”  and “Not today.” and then rushing for the doors to air-conditioned safety.

I decided it was time.

It actually took far longer than I imagined and that meant Bob was cooling his heels for some time, while waiting inside the safety of the air-conditioned store… Sorry Bob, next time I do this I will make sure I am shopping solo.  😉

Anyway, about 6 o’clock that night I got a phone call saying I had won.

“Won what?”  I said.  (I’m thinking it’s a solicitor)

“The TV!” she said.


I went right over to pick it up and this is it…


Bob said:  “This is a Smart TV”

Me:  “Ah…”  (no clue)

I let him hook it up to check it out.

Him:  “Wow, this has amazing graphics and lets me use the new graphic pack I bought to upgrade my game! My screen wouldn’t accept the upgrade.”  (Yes, he is a gamer, but as I have said in the past:  “At least I know where he is while he’s ignoring me.”  😉 )

It was his birthday the next day.  What could I say, but,

Happy Birthday!


Question:  Do any of you give blood?


My title for today’s post is derived from the saying:  No good deed goes unpunished. I went looking for the author and found it attributed to both Clare Booth Luce   (not to be confused with Clare Luce the actress from early 1900s) and Oscar Wilde. 

I must say that both of these individuals are quite interesting reads.