New Members on the Farmlet

We have new members on our farmlet.

I have begun another task in my new  life.  I have begun to keep bees.  I am not an apiarist, no not really.  I am merely a supporter in their cause. For an apiarist is:  “One who keeps bees, specifically one who cares for and raises bees for commercial or agricultural purposes.”  I look forward to watching the hive grow and getting a bit of honey for my friends and myself, but more importantly I need their services in my garden.  For that to happen I need to take very good care of them.

I like this shot because it has action and depth.  I love the bee’s shadows!

Also on our farmlet are the goslings.  When I was young we had geese for a while. Right up to Thanksgiving and Christmas that is.  I loved Guss-Guss and Goose-Goose.  They used to follow me everywhere and like Mary’s Little Lamb they even followed me to school (several times actually).  Poor mom.  She would get a call in the morning:  “Mrs. Strong, would you please come and get your managery?”  For you see it was not only the geese, but my billy-goat “Dumbell” and my dog ‘Butchie” as well.

There are two females which are gray and two males who are turning white. This was their first official ‘swim.’  Water bowl diving doesn’t count!

And finally, I have replacement chickens!  I am so happy for this!  By the way, I never did get any compensation from the owners of the renegade dogs.  Not because I couldn’t,  but simply because I just could not bring myself to go over there and ask for money for replacing the birds.  I think it had something to do with pettiness. I felt that to ask for the $90 dollars that is the going rate was out of the question because they could not afford it, and to go ask for the $15 dollars (the actual cost)  to replace the birds was just petty on my part.  It would not help me that much because it is so little and it would be like ‘rubbing it in,’ as they say, to go over there and ask for it.  Bygones.

I thought to post a picture of the group, but decided on just two from the group.  These two are such characters!  The little black one is so feisty!  Almost from the first week he has challenged me when I put my hand into the brooder,  and as you see he was the first to make it out of the brooder under his own power!  He used to sit up there and survey the world several times a day.  When he jumped down and went ‘walk-about’ I knew it was time to take everybody to the outside hutch!


This little buff colored fellow is called a Buff Polish.  He is the the epitome of independence, and has no fear as he struts about the world of chickendom… like he owns all he surveys!  He looks a bit silly now, but wait till he is full-grown.  His color will darken and he is going to be a beauty!

Oh yes, and Bob the confirmed chicken hater who once stated that “The only chicken I like is the one on my plate”  well, he actually likes this fellow!  So he and his mate will be Topper and Tippi and are destined to be our living  lawn ornaments.


2 thoughts on “New Members on the Farmlet

  1. Marcia says:

    Hi Lynda

    I will be keeping an eye out for more photos ! The pics you took of the new TB hive are great – you wait until you can see down into it – amazing !

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you, Lynda, for your blogs. I do enjoy them…and once in awhile I go on Facebook to check something out (though I have to admit it doesn’t happen often!).

    Love ya!

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