Taking a break

Today I went out to run errands and took my camera.  I delivered three dozen eggs to the Co-op in Huntsville (my first delivery!), went to Tractor supply and bought more chicken feed and scratch, paid for entirely with eggs sales I might add! Then it was off to buy the necessary items I needed for apple butter and green tomato relish.  My errands complete, I glanced down at my camera and set out to find something to shoot.

Here are the results of my afternoon off…

The Bunker



I truthfully don’t know what this is… so if you do then please do tell!

~~~Want to see these in color?  Just say the word! ~~~

Wuthering Heights

To get in and take the pictures I had to slip by a gate and hoped that no one would notice me trespassing…

This was awesome to see.  The chimney in the background was massive, and what remains is easily over 15 feet tall. Imagine how impressive it was when first made!

Alabama is full of old ruins like this.  It is impossible not to turn a corner or pass through a field and not find something that remains from back when.  My sense about this site is that the original stone chimney was built in the early 1800’s.  The brick is also quite old, but I have no guesses as to its age.

It will be fun to try and find out more about this site and its history.  That it saw the Civil War is certain!

Some words on graveyards…

It does not matter where you go you will run into a graveyard.  Many in the strangest of places.  There is even a small family graveyard in front of the Madison Square Mall, sandwiched there between the parking lot and Highway 72.  Grave sites are very sacred here and rather than disturb them, they just build around them.

So today I found this one, and strangely, a road runs through it.  Situated out in the middle of a cotton field it is quite old, pre Civil War,  and surprisingly well cared for.



Born 1839.   Died 1861.  This Gudwife was only 22 years old when she was laid to rest…

Isn’t the work on this gate lovely?  I think it amazing that it is still standing after all these years.

Well friends, it is late and I need sleep.  I will post more tomorrow when I get my apples prepared and my apple butter on to cook!

As always, I value your thoughts.  “:<>

3 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. missusk76 says:

    How wonderful to have all this history around you. Thanks for taking me on this little tour – capturing and describing it so beautifully. The gate image is truly superb!

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thanks Cindy,

      Were you referring to the wooden or iron gate? I ask because it helps me to understand what others see and like. For me, the wooden gate was all about ‘shadow play,’ and the metal was ‘antiquity and grace.’

      I love that you share your comments with me. ~ L

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