There, with the grace of God, went I: Part I of III

Having finally met Jayme for the first time I am just blown away by the girl!  She is so energetic!  But let me back up…

Driving from Hazel Green, Alabama to Crown Point Indiana , a distance of 523 miles, was a feat to be reckoned with.  I started out early in the day and drove ALL DAY and into the evening.  After the first 2oo miles of the trip I began to feel as though King Kong had my lower back in a pinch-like grip and feared it was my kidneys going on me.

I began drinking water in earnest, which made me have to make approximately ten extra pit stops, and that added yet another hour or more to my very long day!

By the time I was within thirty miles of Jayme’s home I was praying for teleportation and an end to my suffering.  I finally pulled into Jayme’s drive and just stopped the car… I couldn’t move.  I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I was just so grateful to have made it to my destination.

Now you think me strange at this point I am sure, but the thing about it is this… I have killed two cars in two accidents (one here in Alabama and one in California) and only the grace of God saved me from being killed myself.  And so you see, getting to Jayme’s wasn’t just a long drive… it was a test of endurance and gaining control over my fear of going places with me behind the wheel.  Leave it to me to never do anything in a small way, huh?

Well, with Jayme at the truck’s door, and wondering out loud if I were about to cry I had to climb out and go in.  And there waiting for me were Jayme’s sister and her nephew.  I am afraid I wasn’t good company but I managed a smile and some tales of the journey and was given a chance later, on Sunday, to make up for it.  More about that day later!   Amazingly, my back was completely better within about half an hour… I guess it was stress!

On Thursday a long-lost friend of Jayme and her sisters arrived!  You see, I had met Peggy through Jayme on Face Book and when I found out that she only lived 20 miles away and that she and Jayme had not seen each other in over 25 years… well, I just had to try to make sure we all got together!  And so it was that Peggy arrived Thursday morning and we talked for hours me getting acquainted, and Peggy and Jayme reminiscing their old days in Chicago.  Later in the day we went out antiquing and thrift shopping in downtown Crown Point.  It was one of those rare days for me when I am having a great time and the day did not fly by… I was able to savor each moment.

The best part?  Sitting around the kitchen Island talking with new friends while Jayme just whipped up “… a Flourless Chocolate Cake in no time at all.”  And she did too!  Complete with raspberries from her summer garden!  Effortlessly!

There is no other word for it all but wonderful!

End Part I


5 thoughts on “There, with the grace of God, went I: Part I of III

  1. cindy says:

    I think those of us who get to ‘experience’ Jayme in real time are some of the most priveleged folk on earth. I like her so much I actually have a label on my blog called the coop keeper! I read her version, and can’t wait to read yours.

    Congrats on making that journey! I thought my piddly 3 hour trek to Crown Point was hard!

  2. Anke says:

    Kudos to you for driving all that way to Indiana! From what I read on Jayme’s blog it sounds like you guys had a fantastic time. I adore the chicken couple you brought home!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Joycee says:

    What an adventure you two had! I am so jealous, we have no chicken shows here…ever :o(
    The fact that you risked life and limb to make the journey says something about you! I was telling Jayme I think this social networking thing has allowed us to meet people we love, get to know them and in no time…we are forever friends. It’s a good thing!

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