Winter Ephemera: a bit of prose on the cold

Winter Ephemera

I awoke today to find that Winter Fairies,

in celebration of the coldest night,

had danced upon my window’s glass.

Arcs and swirls in feathered tracks,

there spun upon cold panes,

the only evidence of their party.


Prose:   © Lynda Swink  and “Life on the Farmlet,” 2010

Photo Credit:  Drezdany Stocks


5 thoughts on “Winter Ephemera: a bit of prose on the cold

  1. Lindy says:

    Lynda, this poem is exceedingly good. A+ 😀 I do hope you are copyrighting your material. The picture is wonderful too. This would make an excellent page in a book of poetry. 😀

    • pixilated2 says:

      Lindy, thank you very much for the compliment! I put my mark on the prose too, so thanks for the remider. However, I can’t take credit for the photo. It belongs to the person I referenced below the entry. I only wish I were that clever a photographer!

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